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Just a bored Canadian chickie, hoping to find a good place to post up her ideas and webcomics!

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I guess even legendaries can have their 'off' days...
Who's that pokemon?! :P

Hahaha, couldn't resist.
This took a whole lot longer than I thought it would...

Gahh.. It's almost 6:30AM, and here I am finishing yet *another* page.

I have work today. ;A;

Hope you guys appreciate it. lol
Silly, silly Megan. :/
Here's the next page, sorry I couldn't upload last night. :)

Hope you enjoy it!
Here's page four.

More when I get back from work. :)
Hope you all like it so far.

Comments are always appreciated!

...The lil ghost girl makes me feel all warm 'n fuzzy inside. xD

Love the comic so far, and I'm going to be eagerly waiting for the next update!