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oh, sorry, that wasn't supposed to be known o.O
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oh, and 'manga de perdedores' means bunch of losers xD
ok ok, some good people asked me to add the translation, so here it is:
the whole summary up to now:
the story starts with a dude who woke up late, and had to run to get to school in time. His first day couldn't have been worse, even the teachers treated him badly, nevertheless he met up with a girl who goes to the same class.
lots of homework days passed, and now Santiago (the dude's name) starts talking to some other boy at school (that character is me) i had the idea of making me a secondary character instead of the main one.
talking about the first frame (comic above) santiago explains joacko how he struggles to get by. Joacko then answers that he's sorry for him(second frame), and tells that he (joacko) has to get his hair cut(3rd one), and that other people would make fun of him because of that and that he could see it coming lol (4th one)
ok brian! i'll do that =]
hey ! thanks for your comment! i'll take your advice about the translation =]
dude, your comic's really cool! deserves like a 4 or 5! :D
hahahah, amazing xD
reaally good comic! :D
i really like it =)
if you ever come to mine, you won't understand a thing, you'll see xD
but oh well, you deserved the comment :D
keep it up admin ! xD that was awesome
hey :D thanks for the comment you left! your comic is really cool xD! keep it up! =)
and about my comic, well, its okay that you don't understand it at all...xD