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My name is Rori and I make comics.
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EDIT: Please note my Patreon still uploads early and exclusive artwork, but I am currently not updating Tiny Pink Robots. I hope to return to comicking in the New Year; thank you all for your support <3
Yeah, this is what I think about in the shower :)
From poop to...other smells :)

And yeah, this convo happened while we were driving, cuz that's how we roll!

I think I'd be okay with smelling like buttered potatoes. Mmmm...potatoes...

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Shit, it's on!
February 23rd, 2016
Part one of the great Poop Saga!

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February 22nd, 2016

Next up will be the Poop Saga!
Patrons will get the Poop Saga all together and way early, check out my Patreon here:
You should *totally* do it. I forgot just how much I loved swimming.
Always :)
Every time.

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Sometimes the best thing you can hear is that your decision is no big deal.
We have fun shopping :)
So after I recovered a little from being ill we went out to get a mattress. My current mattress was over 10 yrs old and basically looked like it had a giant butt print in it, which is enjoyable to laugh at, but not to sleep in.
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Happy 2016!

I just realized this begins my FIFTH year of TPR. Intense. I'm gonna need a minute.

In this strip I might be feeling my 30s a little, or maybe I just need to train ;) Hope your New Year's was awesome!

Patrons saw this strip right after it was finished on Jan 1st. If your interested, check out my Patreon here: and get early strips and other extras :)

Thank you to everyone for your support and readership <3
This was strangely emotional. Both the farewell and the drawing of this strip. Even though objects are *just* objects, they still move through the world with us, our silent companions. Letting go of one that's been around for 15 years releases a lot of memories.

Well onward through the present to the future.

BTW! I have a Patreon for Tiny Pink Robots:
You can see strips early and get exclusive content. If you join in December you'll get a pdf of my unpublished 24-hour comic Beavers. Not bad! :)
I'm back.
Again. For good this time.

2015 was quite the wild ride, but at the end of it I've come back home to Tiny Pink Robots.

I'll be posting twice weekly, Tuesday & Thursday, and to keep me on schedule I've created a Patreon: where you can see the strips early every week and get some exclusive content.

The next couple of strips will wrap up the long overdue car saga, and then we'll start the year fresh.

I'm so excited for 2016 :D
Hi All!

Sorry for the large update gap, 2015 got super exciting really fast! Lots of fun opportunities in both comics and my professional life, I'll share them as the weeks pass :)

Hope everyone else is having a good year so far! Enjoy the continuing adventures of me finding a new car.
My car was pretty f'd up, y'all :(

Happy New Year to everyone! 2014 has been good, better than 2013 in so many ways. I'm excited to see 2015. I hope to have WAY more good comics to show you all :)
Hey William! Thanks for reading! He makes and we have a store here:
@The_Hankerchief Yup, inspected for safety and emissions AND you pay property taxes on it every year. There are lots of folks who have their cars registered in IL to avoid it.

@Mongo.Impressed That was definitely hyperbole, but...spoilers! There will be more strips to show how it plays out. :)