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hehehe totally cute!
haha way to be subtle
auuugh cant get over how cute this page isS!!!
XD this is so ADORABLE!!!!
yay! an update!
update yay! as usual, it's utterly beautiful!
positively gorgeous!
aww this is so beautiful!
can't wait for more updates!
happy new year!
ut oh...
merry christmas!!!
ahhh u updated!!! so happy!!! merrrrry christmas! hope your hand feels better!!
awww that's adorable!
merry christmas!
ditto crunchyblueberry, this does not look good
yayyyyyyyy update!!!! hope the moving went well!
this page just makes me giggle ^^
oooh who is she?
hahah actually those have to be my favorite pick up lines ever!
Congratz on the volume! I think this comic is absolutely fantastic!