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Jacob L
My name is Jacob, and I'm from Washington. I actually joined Smack Jeeves in January of 2007, but changed accounts (Tolneir is the old one). If you want to know more about me, read 1000- my autobiographical comedy. I currently attend the University of Washington.

Also, I am a mod on the Smack Jeeves forums. If you have any issues there that need resolving, feel free to PM or IM me.
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@TheFunTrain: I mean someone's gotta call him out on it :^)

Glad you've enjoyed seeing my style evolve! Hopefully this next era won't disappoint. :D
@TheFunTrain: Hmmm, I don't think I've ever referred to it specifically, but I just I'd just speak in the first person to do so
This recreation of page #0 was a test in order to see how well my vector images would translate into a comic layout. I'd say it went pretty well!

Actual new updates coming later this month. Gotta make more assets for that first, though! :p
Hey guys! 7 months happens fast, huh? Sorry about that, heheh. I'll be coming back sometime this month with college graduation and a brand new art style. I'm aiming to completely revamp the comic with VECTOR art, meaning that once I've compiled a sizeable backlog of art assets, I can create comics considerably faster than when I hand-drew everything. This style is what you can expect with the new process!
@MatthewP: It's funny you should rediscover me now, I'm coming back soon :) with anot her new style heh
Baka...! It's n-not like I wanted you to notice my spill...
So despite the jokes earlier, I really am looking into getting a career with Riot Games after I graduate from UW. Because of this, I've been going to these Riot held events, as well as becoming more involved in the local League community. I recently became an officer for the UW League of Legends group, which is called "Purple Caster Minions" (or "PCM" for short). Expect to hear more about that soon, probably!
@Shard: Yeah, it's actually rather surprising how well things worked out like that...

@Zero Kirby: He was having an off day apparently. Normally he FLUDDs and capes the crap out of everything... Makes learning Ike a nightmare.
Probably the first in a series of Smash Bros 1v1s, so I hope you like Super Smash Bros. :D

Here's a list of the mains of those who play in the house:
Jacob: Mr. Game and Watch, Dark Pit
Josh: Mario, Greninja
Austin: Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, Samus
Miles: Pikachu, Zero Skill Samus
Sheff: Link, Marth, Roy
Jeremy: Villager, Little Mac

As a side note- due to school and lots of comics, Halloween funtimes will probably extend well into November. Yayy!!!!
Happy ghost hunting, everyone! Can you find all 31 ghosts hidden on this comic page? Let me know how many you're able to find!

This comic is in reference to Full Metal Alchemist, so if you're unfamiliar with the series, then this comic might not make much sense to you... sorry!
@Giblet: glad to see you haven't given up on me <3
It just wouldn't be a return to 1000 form without random 2-week breaks, now would it?

Might be starting a bit late, but we're beginning the yearly tradition of random Halloween goodies tied into the comics! Enjoy the seasonal icons, orange overlays, and soon(TM): ghost hunting special #5!
@roziefay: Thanks for reading! :) Hope you enjoy(ed) the reread
Welcome to a new multi-part series (a la "Holidays"), where we make fun of Josh when he isn't present! All in good fun, of course... maybe not for Josh (PS: hi Josh)
Jacob L
September 27th, 2015
@Haunshaul: glad to be black as well <3
Jacob L
September 26th, 2015
@avian-reader: glad to be back <3
Jacob L
September 26th, 2015
pew pew
Welcome to year 4, or for you guys, year 2 of my college career! Even though technically class doesn't start until the 30th, I moved into the Seattle house a bit early this year, so we might as well just start things off with some random antics first.
@Zero Kirby: all's fair when the pen is our weapon >:O