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I'm kind of a nerdy person. I love reading, drawing, writing, listening to music, reading comics, making videos, editing videos, browsing the internet, playing video games, and watching movies and my fave TV shows.

I tend to procrastinate, so if I say something is going to be done soon, don't always believe me. Although I'm working at getting better with deadlines by updating BakaPatrol every Friday. Hopefully that works...
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Info here!
Indeed my good friends, I am starting this comic back up. I missed it. Also, it gave me things to draw...
As you can see, my style has changed a bit (I'm much happier with it now) and the characters' appearances have changed a bit. In case you can't tell who's who ('cause there's no colour or anything...), I shall list them.
From left to right: Matthew, Cameron, Tristan (G-g-gameplayer Dude), Chris, Alyssa

Now, I'm not going to have an update day scheduled, I'll be making comics when I have ideas and whatnot. I'll try to post something every week, but I can't promise anything.
This is usually what happens during our brainstorm sessions.

What!? You didn't know we made videos? Check 'em out here: or

I was thinking about updating the comic twice a week. What do you guys think?

One more thing, I'm doing a Livestream tomorrow, so if you want to check it out:
I'm not sure what time I'll be doing it, but I'll be posting it on Twitter and my deviantART journal when I start.
November 22nd, 2009
Thanks! :3
November 22nd, 2009
November 22nd, 2009
Well, I was originally not going to post a new comic this week, as I had no ideas, but Cam came over earlier, and gave me some great ideas! So I have some for the next few weeks!
I did this one 'cause it was the quickest to do. I'm gonna go lay down for a bit now. Probably not sleeping, but I'm aching, so rest would be nice. :3

Hope you enjoy!
XD Thanks, glad it made you laugh!

Woohoo! Sound effect!! :DDD
Yes! 2 pages in one week! :D There may even be a third if my plans for the weekend don't work out.
Happy Friday the 13th! One of my fave days... :3

So yeah, Matthew's always coming up to me and being all, "Oooh! Look at my moustache! It's so big! :D" But you can't even see anything. So I had to make fun of him.
And yeah, he's wearing a fake moustache at the end.

Also, go check out the new page of Profanity Man! :D
Wow, it's been a while since I posted a new page! I missed working on this comic... I'm going to try to update more often. In fact, I might just post another new page later this week! As long as I'm not too busy...

Anyways, enjoy!
Well, I'm taking a break from the comic this week. Sorry, but I've had this stupid flu all week. And I have no ideas. There will be one next week though!
For now, enjoy this pic of Matthew.
Happy Halloween!
Sorry this week's comic is late, but I seem to have caught the flu again...

Ok, so in case you can't tell, my jack-o-lantern has Jack Skellington carved into it, Gameplayer Dude's is the XBox symbol, and Cameron's is a penis. But since it's censored, you can always pretend it's something else.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl back into bed...
Sorry this thing is so late! I've had a LOT of stuff to do lately, and didn't have a chance to put it together.

Halloween comic this Friday!
True story. Except I haven't yelled at anyone. Yet. If I get another Halloween idea, I might.

Guys, I appreciate your Halloween ideas, but Halloween is pretty easy. Maybe help me with normal comics too?
Sorry, this is pretty much fail. I just drew it really quick now because I forgot it was Friday, and I still had no comic done....

Anyways, to understand this comic better, you have to now that I homeschool. And I'm ALWAYS procrastinating.
Sorry there was no comic last week, I got sick, and was unable to come up with any ideas... But there WILL be one this week!

Ok, BakaPatrol Art Contest! You can draw one, or more, of the BakaPatrol characters.
You can have them doing.. pretty much anything. Just not sex. 'Cause that's icky.

Also, you are allowed to have more than one entry.

The winner will get a drawing of anything they want. Well, any character they want, be it your OC, or your favorite character from a tv show or something.

If we get a large amount of entries, there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.
1st place will be a coloured drawing by me.
2nd place will be an inked drawing by me.
3rd place will be a sketch by me.

Also, if anyone else would like to throw in a prize, that would be awesome.
I will set a deadline once we know if anyone will enter.

If you have a deviantART account, upload you entry there, and send me a note. I'm Hawkstar123.
If you don't have a dA account, send your entry in an email to

All of the entries can be viewed here:
I had to have Cameron being cruel to a child in here. It's just too amusing.
Does that make me a bad person?
Sorry the comic sucks this week... This was the only idea I had... :/ Hopefully you find it a little amusing, at least.

Also, there will be a new Profanity Man page up later today!
September 18th, 2009
So, yeah, this comic is weird. XD But you should be used that by now.
Anyways, Brown and I were texting, and somehow the conversation switched over to boobies. The bird specie: And we were wondering what would happen if Cameron ever met a Booby Bird.
This is what I thought would happen. XD

Also, I've been meaning to mention this: if you like my art, please feel free to check out my deviantART account. :3