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Wow, I never knew Potatoes were so awesome... did you?
Do you know what would make them twice as awesome???
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Are you eventually gonna include Bleach characters like Ichigo in the story? that'd be awesome :D lol
Good story so far
it was actually my dad's scanner, i don't own one myself.
i think he ordered it online...
This story is absolutely phenomenal. I have found a cure to writers block! I started a story called "City In th Sky" and haven't started... it's been four months until i came upon this, when i read the first 20 or so pages Idea's started to flow! for this i thank you!
There is a story revolving this comic.
I got rock band earlier this year for my birthday and my brother could only do the vocals, and his favourite song was ball room blitz:shudder:
He was so out of pitch that everyone else(no matter how good we were) failed...
i need a bucket... ugh...
Do i smell bacon?
The old thumbtack-on-the-teachers-chair trick...
my brother did the original, but it was to crumpled to scan and put on the site so i traced it to make it look as close to the first copy as possible.
you know this but you don't want to believe it...
Whoa... did my mouse just say "sup?" to me?
Crazy Man...
Every time you tie a helium balloon to a childs hand, air canada has to replace there wind shields and wipers.
ALL I KNOW IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so true, they might as well put placebos on the bottle.
Also i notice i made a spelling error on the comic :S
My new butt-massage business is going to be perfect! thank you voodoo dolls!
sorry for the late update people...
shh... they might hear you...<.< >.>
You are right... for this, i shall ground myself from Pong!
For those who are having trouble reading it, it says: INSERT FACE HERE
Happy Halloween
You do know that Alternate is the 4th most popular comic!