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"Toast" fear? O_o

I knew Scroch was a girl,I thought it was obvious.

Cool page as always~

Also the photobucket picture failed, it didn't show for me :/
That mysterious man sure is mysterious :I
This is really so cute :D
Wh-why is he so special lol
Is he a superhero :0
That's so nice of him tooo :)
That is an awesome room :I
asdfj; Oh snap D:
I love the faces haha
Oh well hello there >.>
I love the expressions haha
If someone opens that window she is gonna FLIP @_@
Bonne Chance Petunia Bonne Chance.
I love Petunia such a cute character :)
D: That's so scary Lol
Ah I love this comic so much, I can't wait for more :)
I love these characters they are just so awesome :p
February 1st, 2009
I would go with her right away also D:
Cute page :)
Thank you
For being amazing~
November 26th, 2008
I can't wait to see more :)
You got me on my toes haha :p
November 25th, 2008
This page is so sweet I think I'm on a sugar high now :o
November 23rd, 2008
Very good as always :)
Good things come to those who wait! So take your time haha :)
October 13th, 2008
Made my Day :)
lol this makes me smile the movement is incredible keep up the great work <3