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Hello. I'm here to eat your soul.

My none of your business. But I guess you can call me Rin....or Taro, whichever =)

I'm probably the most schizophrenic person you'll ever meet. I can go from being calm and collected, to a hyper 5 year-old in a candy store.

In other news...I heard you liek mudkipz?
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-plop- hahaha, and que Naruto passing out x3
i love the onlookers! xD Your styles fun to read ^__^
hey! I'm NightlyHalo from, (beta of Storms) She told me you were doing a comic version of her story. It's fucking adorable x3 :D
best last page ever is best last page ever! :D
I bet he's gonna look up and BAM!! Clover's waiting by the door :3
haha, oh
awww....I can't believe it's ending so soon, that makes me sad....BUT!!! Mwuahahaha!! I have a pre-order :D
I love how you snuck in Clover's "I hate this game" line, ahaha.

I love the last panel because he looks like a lost puppy. Like he finally came to terms with being in love with Monday x3 and Monday honest to god looks amazing in these panels, he looks regretful and he looks like his life is hanging on what Clover is about to say...d'awww!! I love this page

P.S. Haha, they're still having sex 8D
haha, i just realized Clover's covering his own mouth not Monday haha. Omfg, Monday's "I won't know" face is so fucking hot. He's like "I know you wanna scream but i wanna be cute and ask whats wrong anyways" bwuahahaha....and poundpoundpoundmondaysabunnypoundpound x3 oh yesh, dicksgaloreiloveit <3~
bwuahahah!! Monday's face x3

aww....he's raping with love <3~
yay! Make up sex! :D
clover says "I forgive you let's have sex" :3
bwuahahaha!! buttchin strikes again! >:3

Clover looked fucking adorable in this page x3
Monday looks so delicious in these panels! Haha, I love the drama build up, now we'll get Mondays POV? :D

yay! after they can have makeup sex! (I heard its the best kind) x3

P.S. I totally just ordered the comic, I'm Lin :D ^__^
haha, well he sure wasn't expecting that answer x3

Love the dramatic faces and the last panel was nice to break the tense atmosphere x3
Wow, monday looks like shit and everythings more dramatic than degrassi :O

NooOOoOOo! Go back Clover!! Monday loves you!! 8D
Clover should be a nurse, his healing abilities are awesome :3
i think he's gonna get there and halfway through his angry rant he's gonna break down and go uke-like :3

Poor Monday...he looks like shit.
oh noez! but at least he's okay for now? :D

Clover! Take care of Monday, and Monday, quit the acid =/