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It lurks in the shadows (of DeviantArt)... it waits... it watches... it provides unsolicited grammar and spelling tips... it is... the LIZARD PROTECTOR!!!
I'm on a Mac, so right clicking didn't give me "view image". I tried "open image in new window", but it really didn't look any bigger.
The irony is, That's No Moon.
"Buccaneers under a hat"...?

...Had to read every comment before I could get it. MAN do I feel dense.
I would've been like, "Well, uh, thanks for offering, but, uh...the thing is...I, uh...don't."
Doesn't the fact that the husky can talk mean anything? Or is it "race prejudice" (cats vs dogs) as well as "anthro vs feral"?
Tiny Blue Question Mark
But I guess after six years no one's going to care...oh well.
Ask About Magicka Mirror.
Maybe she's heavy with muscle.
I sympathize with Tails. They ARE kind of taking advantage of him, and he's not really getting anything in return.
"First name basis", not "bases".
In panel 4, when Silver says "rouge", I think you meant "rogue".
More like an Eli Vance "Good god".
Given the vast quantity of gold rings in the games, I figured Mobius had to be ludicrously rich with the element.
So blocks just randomly fall and fly? Looks like a collision glitch to me.
Okay, a VERY ACCURATE robot clone.
Anyone else notice that the gate fell behind Amy when she was facing into the trap, then she claims she was hitting the gate RIGHT BEFORE Tails and Sonic showed up, but she WASN'T THERE? She WALKED IN from the OTHER SIDE of the trap. Her story doesn't add up. I smell a robot clone.
"But with KeyCheck off, the computer didn't file the keystrokes, so the only way to find them is to go through all the lines of code one by one."
"How many lines of code are there?"
"'Bout two million."
A Good Idea?
No one with THAT expression is ever having a GOOD idea. Matter of fact...I have to wonder just how mentally "young" he is...
While I did find college academically harder than high school, socially it was a dream by comparison.