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Hi, I'm Bucky! I tend to read and draw furry stuff. My fursona is some sort of fluffy striped birdy pink thing. Now go put some awesome in your day!
@lastsilverwolf- He is indeed!
Long hiatus was long, I know. I'll try to be less lazy. I've missed drawing Mag!
I'm still here! I'm just busy.
Aaaand 28 days later... just in time for Halloween, amirite?
@Lastsilverwolf- You were right! Then again, what else would you do?

Been a while, I am super busy right now (yeah, I know I always say that). If you're bored, take a peek at my other comic :
She does have wings. She just hides them under her shirt.
Just don't.
@CG- Yeah, he is isn't he? The other one, not so cute!
Aww, lookit the little bitey pandafox :)
Sorry for the delay! I moved house. And it's the summer holidays again...
Dead thing gets a new lease of life! Ew.
Still workin' on my app and stuff. May never ever release it, who knows.
@Dracone-Yep, quite mismatched really.
@CG- Thanks, and you will do!
I am back after my holiday and it was great fun! Didn't get much drawing or anything done though :)
@Guest: Thanks! Will do :D
Last update before my trip to the UK.
Starring Freddy the fire bucket as best supporting fire bucket.
Ive's home made sweets. The refreshing taste you want to avoid :)
I think my talents lie with drawing scenery rather than figures XD Anyway I enjoyed doing the old stylie light switch.
@Splash-Q; thank you for your kind comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy my comic :3
Sorry for not updating in... forever. Was working and spending time with family and friends over xmas and new year and feeling a bit unmotivated to be honest. This comic is still alive and well though while I'm shaking off a winter cold. Happy belated new one!
Joel does have his uses, see? Also, light magic behaves like electricity in this world.
Sorry for lateness again! Stuff to do. If anyone is in Paris, I hope their friends and families are safe.
Enjoy the darkness effects :3
Woohoo, my internet is finally OK again!
@DarkwingDork- Yep, he did well there :)