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I am the artist and one of the authors for a comic known as 20 Years To Life-> Some of the characters are based off real people while others are completely fictional... I promise.

Likes: Drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, sleeping, good food and my boyfriend :3

Dislikes: People going through my things, art/writer's block, being woken up, having to deal with idiots and having my space invaded

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    A.M. Graves
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Them Hands Is Cold!
It's a lazy comic, sorry, I'm feeling brain hazed and slightly Merg'd. D: I turn 22 in five days!!

On a side note, yes... Yes, I do randomly grope girls I know. I'm not brazen enough to do it to girls I don't, though there have been the occasional want to face plant in chest moments. >D

That's all from me! -Ket
I fail at BGs
However, learning how to use the pen tool has helped out quite a bit. Thanks Kyle! <3

Oh, and I wish I had a house like that... Or a house of my own... Oh well.
Wisk Me Away On That Magic Carpet
Wouldn't it be nice to be offered a package like that? Any school you want to go to, room and board taken care of? Fantasy is always so much more appealing than reality, isn't it?
Sorry it's Late!
I lost a day and then when I went to bed I slept haaaaaaaaaaaard
Who's This?
>3 The plot thickens! -giggle-

It's different from my other comic, which is colorful, I wanted it to be different. Thank you for your input and comment!
Oh-Ho-Ho-Ho! What's this!
Page 00, we get a little hint of what happened. >3 Yes, that's deviantart, if you're curious. No, I ain't tellin you where the comments are >D