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Maybe an alien abduction wouldn't go amiss here.

With probes.

For the benefit of the congenitally humourless amongst us:

3rd Panel, Pub sign, angle, above Rick and Lauren looks a lot like a flying saucer to me.
I'm simply going to say this:

Lauren's character has, in my opinion, largely created this issue.

I'm going to say why.

Firstly, when Rick first met Sam, with Christo, in the street, Lauren introduced him as ' ...and this is Sam'.

No acknowledgement of their relationship at all.

It took Christo to make the point - and still she didn't hear it – although everyone in a 50 block radius did.

Secondly, she has had several conversations with just about everyone about how unreasonable Sam is – except Sam.

Thirdly, even though Sam expressed the Rick situation was upsetting him, she still makes no real effort to soothe his feelings. Indeed, she seems to rub his nose in it at every given opportunity.

This has been going on for a LONG time in comic terms.

The sheer lack of consideration displayed by her character is, frankly, appalling.

The slap is simply the icing on the cake.

Doesn't matter what your skin colour is, what your sex is or what God you pray to, if you behave badly, without sensitivity to a person that you are supposed to be with, show the degree of disloyalty both in your conversations with other people and in your general insensitivity to a partner's ego that Lauren has displayed to Sam – I''m not going to like you very much.

And no, I don't 'get' Lauren's behaviour – maybe teenagers do behave like this – I referred to my age, because I simply don't remember anyone I knew at that age behaving in this way.

So the sheer childishness of her behaviour doesn't ring true to me.

Quite how you get from that to misogeny is beyond me.

Dragging the 'support the sisterhood right or wrong ' argument into the equation is something I find quite demeaning to my sex and simply redraws lines that some of us, at least , have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to erase.
'And then he selfishly put his face in the way of my hand and selfishly slapped it with his face.'


Can't wait for the sermon.

Echoing Cathryn's feelings from yesterday, here.

I've been reading this comic since April of 2008, I think, and for the first time, I'm totally indifferent as to what happens to these characters.

Never been sure how much of this story is autobiographical, Mr Twist, and how much is complete fiction, but the beauty of the whole saga so far has been in watching the way your characters interact and develop, all the while knowing that their relationships are, for the most part, doomed.

'Pictures of You' is one of the most believably scripted pieces of fiction I have ever read, with plot lines and characters that ring sometimes heart - breakingly true.

It has become one of the day's little treats, over the last few years, to log in and catch up on the story.


Maybe it is because I am nearly thirty- eight, and have therefore aged past the age demographic at whom your story is aimed, but the teenaged behaviour displayed by the characters over the course of this arc has begun to really irritate me.

I simply no longer care what happens to Lauren and Sam and Rick.

More than that, I no longer believe in them as characters - with the exception of Sam.

As I wrote above, Pictures of You remains one of the highlights of my day, remains one of the most highly crafted and absorbing pieces of creative writing it has been my pleasure to have encountered and remains consistently well framed and drawn.

I want to know how the story leads to Peter seemingly wanting to drink his memories into oblivion, so you haven't lost me as a reader.

I guess I'm in it for the long haul.

Thank you for the effort you put into writing this.

Well, we know it'll be alright in the end, they get back together and......

Whoa. Back up there cowboys.

Can someone – anyone – tell me why Sam would WANT to get back with the whining little madam?

Let's face it, by the time the flashback starts, he is already doing the cooking.

Imagine the scene another ten years down the line:

Lauren ( returning home following an earnest conversation with her terribly well read tennis coach )

'Sam, I'm home!'

Sam ( Clutching a red stained tea towel to his upper thigh )

'Thank God you're home, Lauren! Whilst I was making you your favourite dinner, I slipped and severed my femoral artery with the carving knife!''

Lauren ( a look of horror on her face )

'Sam! You know I prefer the dressing on the side!

Look at these spots of red on the new white carpet!

You're so selfish Sam, really you are.

You've deliberately ruined this carpet, you knew I liked it.

I'm not going to eat now, I have to go and have a long discussion about your selfishness with the amazingly erudite and sensitive plumber whom fixed our toilet last winter.

I'm taking the car, you'll have to take the bus to hospital.'

Lauren exits, Sam ineffectually dabs at bloodstained carpet with moistened Kleenex, before selfishly rolling onto his side and selfishly faints from extremely selfish blood loss.
On the other side of the hill.
Actually, now I think a little more, I can see how Lauren could have made Rick think he was in with a chance.

In her conversations with the other characters, she has often alluded to how she feels Sam is being a bit of an arse recently.

I imagine she has had similar conversations with Rick, some on camera, as it were, and some off.

Rick isn't one of 'our' friends, but I can imagine him saying to 'his' best friend something along the lines of 'I've met this really nice girl, she gives me lots of encouragement, we meet regularly for coffee, share a lot of interests and I love being in her company. The only problem is that she has this douche of a boyfriend called Sam, although she never refers to him as such. He is a really insensitive tosser whom is always making her feel bad. I really like her, what should I do?'

Cue friend saying, ' Just go for it, man if you like her that much, and you think she likes you, she'll leave that scumbag Sam for you.'
A good start, Sam, now finish the job, but do it yourself, don't drag the others into it.

This is between Sam and Rick.

I agree with Val, obviously, in thinking that Lauren was more than a little responsible for this.

I sometime forget how young the characters are in this story, and how they are still developing their characters. When one is reading a comic over a period of years, it is easy to forget Peter's flashback has, so far covered a period of less than eighteen months.

Very few people have acquired much life experience by the time they are only in their second year at university and Sam is, as far I am aware, only Lauren's second boyfriend.

She still has a lot to learn about what makes relationships work, so she can't really be blamed for her immaturity and insensitivity with regard to Sam's feelings.

Even at this stage, she could have diffused the situation by clarifying in front of both young men where it is that she stands.

Instead, she gives yet another 'All about me' speech and stomps off in a hissy fit.

Her behaviour throughout the entire story arc has left me actively disliking her character, and liking Sam's character more and more.

It helps to have known throughout the arc that things will turn out for the best, and that by the time Peter is remembering these events, she will have finally grown up enough to actually deserve the attention she gets from Sam.

I loved the artwork, Mr Twist.

As ever, thank you for the effort you put into this excellent story.
Just hit him, Sam.
We know it'll be ok, they wind up together, since the flashback starts at their flat.

So there will be some flak for Sam until Lauren realises how thoroughly insensitive to Sam she has been, lots of kisses and making up, lo and behold, job done.

All worth it to see that man's nose relocated to the back of his head.

Go on, Sam.
Why do I
Suddenly really fancy a Toblerone?
Since Andy and Peter appear to be sharing an apartment in the future, it would seem they, at least, are able to deal with whatever all this leads to. So hard to remember all these events have, in the story, happened in the past. I haven't posted for a while, Mr Twist, but I have been reading every instalment and am just as in love with your work as I always have been. May I take this opportunity to wish you, your wife and loved ones a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and loving new year? MM
'Crabby little fuck toy'! Delicious, simply delicious. MM
@ jvhliçgvku "How is the fact that anus has its own scent in any way comforting?"

Anything that helps in detecting the arse-holes of this world is a comfort, however small and cold that comfort may be. MM
It is rather looking as if Peter is about to be enjoying an amusing little pussy, as well.

Lucky chap.

I don't understand the incentive. Would someone explain?

Super page, Mr Twist.

Dear Mr Twist,

I'm sorry to be so ignorant as to have not known the artists you referred to in your last couple of posts.

Indeed, I had to use Google to find out to whom you were referring.

I had hitherto not been an avid reader of comics, in fact, before I accidentally stumbled upon your work whilst idly surfing one day, I had probably not read a comic for about twenty-five years - and that would have been of the 'Bunty' variety of girls' paper.

As I became a teenager, I, along with most of my friends, moved on to women's fashion and lifestyle magazines.

I thought that comics were for children and male adolescents....or for strange men who live at home with their parents until their forties.

Your graphic novel - 'comic' - has changed my perception.

I now regularly read several serious graphic novels besides your own and am finding myself regularly laughing out loud at 'Oglaf' and 'Menage a 3'.

I'm thirty five years old and have learned the lesson that comics are not just for children.

The message is getting across to adults, thanks to the excellent story telling and graphical skills of artists such as yourself.

Thank you for broadening my horizon.

That was dignified.


I've been reading the story, but not commenting for a couple of weeks, Mr Twist.

I'd just like to say, I have consistently been enthralled by the way the novel is developing.

For me, the whole saga - and I use that term deliberately - remains one of the most entertaining novels I have ever read.

Most novelists create, at most, one or two characters that become almost real in the minds of their readership -Larsson's Salander, Remarque's Baumer, Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple - but you have managed to create a whole cast of very deep, very real characters that are utterly convincing in their portrayal.

I can see why some people have become almost obsessive about this comic.

Your skill is such that it is sometimes difficult to remember that this is only a story and that the events and characters you portray so beautifully are not real.

I used the word 'saga' earlier in this post.

Ever since I first read the opening pages of this novel on Drunk Duck, I have been captivated by the all pervading sense of doom that colours every episode.

We know the Twilight of the Gods is coming, but how will it arrive?

Your characterisation, story-crafting and consistently excellent artwork have created for me a dilemma:

I want to know what happens, but I don't ever want this story to end.

Not many novels manage that.

Thank you once again for creating this.

I have an horrible feeling that Jeramiah's doubts are correct.

Mr Twist has been very careful not to show Melanie actually naming Devon as the person who did this to her.

Sure, there is the 'evidence' of the scratch marks on Devon's face.

Sure, we have seen Devon pacing up and down, muttering his 'She'll be back' speech.

Yes, we know Devon has an history of violent behaviour towards Melanie.

Peter is undoubtedly meting out a beating that Devon has had coming for some time as punishment for his previous treatment of Melanie.

I'm certainly not unhappy to see the nasty little bastard having his delusions of adequacy so succinctly pointed out to him.


Consider, if you please, a 'what if'.

What if Melanie arrived at Devon's apartment and said her piece about leaving him?

What if he then acted in character and went to grab her, she scratched his face and ran away?

What if she then ran somewhere where she felt she would be safe, leaving Devon to pace up and down thinking she had run straight to the group of friends she is with now?

What if she ran to her parents' home and saw her father?

Excellent page, Mr Twist.

I don't know whether Devon did this to her or're writing a story, after all - a 'got the wrong guy' twist wouldn't be out of the question - but we do know he has beaten Melanie before, so whatever violence may befall him is long overdue.

I wonder if Melanie would press charges with the police - even if it was Devon that caused those wounds - to do so wouldn't fit the pattern of her previous behaviour.

It seems an inappropriate time to congratulate you on your wedding, but I'll do so anyway.

No offense taken, JD.

I prefer the non smoky atmosphere of pubs and bars now myself, in fact.

That being said, we used to go to a transport cafe in the wee small hours of the morning on the way home from the night before, and drink tea and eat bacon sandwiches. The cigarette was an essential part of the experience.

One of the many things I like about Pictures of You is the way it reminds one of little things that one used to do when one was the age that the characters are in the novel...Peter's reminiscences bring about reminiscences of my own, some good, some bad.

I think, if memory serves me well, we all smoked in my group of friends, except Lyndsey, so the issue of the noxious fumes didn't arise.

The shift from almost everyone being a smoker to hardly anyone being a smoker has happened very quickly in Europe.

We knew the risks, of course, but at 18 years old, one is, in one's mind, immortal.