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August 5th, 2010
First comment? ;D

I'm so glad you're back! I was thinking that maybe you won't update this wonderful comic anymore and it was really sad! ;3;

lol, Kai... well, Mari forgot her wallet so they're both absentminded
C-can't breath! If this goes on you will be left with no readers ;A;
Nooo! How could they leave me!? ;A;
I-I mean, How could they leave Liam and Edward?
So many updates... I think THIS must be heaven~ =W=
Haru's face on the last panel = <333
It's so cute! Thanks for making my day better :D Happy Canada day!
*Dies from the cuteness*
Yay I'm so happy you've updated :D
I think my premonition that Haru will collapse was right! huhu~
"nerdy and cold" lol :D

Can 4 drink make you pass out? I honesly have no idea XD
Maybe Haru will pass out, Shiratori will carry him to his home and then... >D
Haru didn't answer but Shiratori drinks anyway! XD
It can be really funny if they both get drunk and we'll get to see a silly Shiratori, but I also think Haru's plan will backfire at him. He's unlucky when it comes to Shiratori. And stupid. XD Don't worry, we love you that way! *sparkle power~*
I bet Haru will get drunk first. XD
The flower runs in the family!
Can't wait to see what's coming next X3
Please keep on molesting me. 8D
That sounds so wrong lol. So Haru's father is a doctor and a hottie? I wonder if we get to see him sometime. :D
January 4th, 2010
lol last panel = Squidward and Spongebob.
Bob is really cute >w<
And your artwork is amazing! *0* can't wait to see what's going to happen next
I just noticed that Haru didn't agree, he just said thank you. XD
Merry Christmas! :3
Wow, it's beautiful! *drool* can I ask what colors did you use? O:
Gay bar! 8D
So funny XD
Haru-chan reminds me a dog who just spotted a bone or something X3
Wow, somehow I didn't think that we'll learn about Victor's past. :O
Looks interesting! and awesome as usual X3
David looks really handsome in panel 4 *A* (I think it's 4 XD)
I liked his hair down better, but still... *___*