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I've written and illustrated 5 books for kids, three e-books, and written stories for audio production. I've produced art for Star Wars RPG and colored comic books for Marvel. I enjoy reading and writing fantasy and sci-fi products. I just moved to San Diego, California, from Argentina with my husband Mike Dubisch and my three daughters.

Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.
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    Carolyn Watson dubisch
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There's more-don't worry, we'll get back to this story soon.
Running a bit late this week. My apologies.
Sorry this comic is so late posting!
Yes Hopeless Maine is a beautiful comic by my friend Tom Brown. I haven't read very much of it though (I'm embarrassed to say). Now I feel I should. Cheers!

Well thank you!
This template from smackjeeves doesn't seem to show the RSS feed. I'll be changing it soon. Sorry about that.
Sorry so much time slipped away between updates. Trying to get it together!
Running Late
Sorry I'm running late with this page. :)
Getting there....
Hi sorry for the delay! I'm coloring the next page, but we just did a cross country move and things are a bit chaotic for me. Just getting settled finally!!
The Horribles is back every Tuesday!!!
Thank you for your kind comments Dreamer Nemo
brief hiatus
I'm taking a four week hiatus from my weekly posts. This comic will return by the end of August- Thanks for your understanding. :)
To Crystalgardian
Nope, doorknobs.
@Surinder: Yes you can grab the feed-please give credit to Mike Dubisch, artist, and Carolyn Watson Dubisch, writer
@scrappy: No the comic is on hiatus. I need at least 2 more weeks for new posting-please check back!!
@Lady Of Crimson: That's ok-Just wishing I had more followers. :/
I had to draw a mosquito for this part... They ARE man's greatest enemy. :)
Thanks pinelmariachi!