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@namm Killazilla
I'm pretty sure that Nega means that AT THE POINT IN TIME THAT HE'S FROM, Robotnik's son is a grandfather. him being a grandfather at the point in time the comic takes place would pretty much be impossible.
Oh snap...
there's four of them now...but fo how long? Judging from how you're not renaming the comic, I'm huessing the new two aren't going to be sticking around for very long. But maybe that's just me.
Rabbit + Kitty = adorableness! :3 it also = win.
Holy God they're fucked bad.
I didn't see that one coming either. That seems to happen to me a lot.
(@ JB239874)
Actually, it's Aquaman: "I work for Wily'
...oh snap...
I din't see that one coming.
I seriously didn't see that coming.
...oh snap
Also, yay Emerl!
about what Mic said...
When was Cream 18?
By calling the fake Sonic a Glitch, you've pretty much given away who he is. Now I just need to figure out who the fake Mega Man is...
Yay! I was right!
Why do people keep saying that Wily eats rabbits?
This is my first time reading the comic, so it's a GUESS. As for this problem, guessing from the situation, the colours, and the name of this storyline, I'm thinking...Metal Sonic?
Actually, Cream is the older one, since Wiily dated Vanilla before the Mega Man games even happened. However, if Cream meant "Big brother" to mean "bigger", not "older', then this comic makes sense and I'm being stupid. that means Cream is a bastard?
Maybe he's actually charging up some super-powerful attack while the others waste thir time with meaningless banter. In other words, he's CHARGIN' HIZ LAZOR!!!
It was a visor in the original version. In this version, she is, in fact, shooting Nack on general principals,
No it isn't. Arnold can't do that.