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Okay so luvernoRAW, Luver, raw-chan are usually what others call me but I dont mind being called by my real name either~ So what ever floats your boat or mind at the time XD

I love cute/moe/kawaii however you want to put it art. 0w0 *tries but fails at it orz*
Um. Thats it??? Haha Im not sure what else to put.
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ohmeygawd mr.ponpon is cute/annoying 8D (but I want to take him home with me anyway)
Aw sorry your stuff got rained out mi D:
Welcome back Mi! LOL I love how it goes from soft and sweet to pain and anguish XD Poor Alin though, hope he will LIVE!!
Last time I commented on here was on the cover august, lolz! Well I just caught up and wanted to say that your comic is so cute<3 I love Yuuki the most though. 0w0
Keep it up D.ii!
heehee Roe your such a dork! XD
I wanna see them hold hands noa, lol they are such a talkative couple. c:
i wanna know what happens next D: *feels some tension somehow* give her a hug roe~<33
You draw faces so pretty-like lol Im enjoying this very much! Keep up the good work.~
The horse looks gorgeous *A*

I really want to know what coul've cause Mr.Katerfeilds conditon.
Mr.PonPon stop eating the main character!!
Oh and congrats on 200 readers hun, we should totally celebrate with whine and crackers<3 (pulls out the sauce)
omeygawd! It...looks wonderful love ;; lol oh look my first comment in like what...nearly 7 months? *hugs the page* your doing good! xD
**luffs them to death*** x)
no,no! The cover looks awsomely cool! You draw really well^^
The story also has me interested so Ill keep my eye on this :)
I really like this collab, its really involved! The styles are so good too. Sorry I've been following this quite awhile but only now have I decided to post *troller ;_;* keep it up awsome people!!
Oh man, you do great work!!
You'll definately be a busy bee for awhile~
oh, the tonning is amazing! And you angles are well done too, lol and yeah I see the little face too (bonus points XDD) Looking forward to more- +fav.<3
January 18th, 2009
fufufu you do great with gray tonening!~ and I love her eye in the third panel *random* but keep going janirotluvx!
I love your comics<3 the toning,lines lol *stares*
January 6th, 2009
*agrees with everyone*
I love so many things about your manga ^^ its gorgeous. Will look forward to some more!~
aw-your comics are adorably cute! and your skills are also really good too >.<~ <333