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well im mostly seen around my SA account but i make sprite comics, i draw form time-to-time possibly soon a drawn comic...i am a huge fan of emerl and poemon and alot of stuff.


P.S: the only time i`ll make someone an author to my comics is when i cantg update.
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I'm going to assume...
That the Buisels female bye the eyelashes, if it is, that'd be awesome, I have NEVER seen a female buisel...
Now my favorite fire type AND water type is in ONE COMIC *happeh, happeh* 8D
nice efects!
sofar its a very nicee comic! :3
I thik this is great!
lol bone |3
great job!
missi eh?
cool name :3
full agreement with lucky
but great job! :3
that vaporeons so cute...
great job on it
poor rika...

she seems so sad...
I'm Sorry ti say...
but the file size just always gets me... sorry....

your a fan of eons see it here
*is amazed* simpley buetiful...
i sure hope Vexx gets that wound treated soon...
the mornin after will be a hoot to read~

well i must say very nice comic
yea... file size is a fiiiiish.... i cant even update my comices cause of it D:
weaviles can also learn surf, i find this funny