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I really like webcomics! Thats how i got here, and i also like art. For example drawing, painting, and carving! I really REALLY REEEAALLY hate "DUMB BLONDES" for example Briteny Spears! I really want to be a multi talanted artist. I also am a little bit of a comedian myself. I have good web smarts about whats new on the web.
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... (changed my avatar to just my comment! ... anyone here like "xxxholic" im watching it right now and fell like typing about it! )
and i was pissed off!! thats why my english is bad!!!

i consider this the end (unless dune pisses me off again ) oh i just noticed today is FIDAY THE 13th!!!!! bwahahah!!! pleeze dont come to my house in a hokey mask... plleeeeeheeheeeez...


anyone buying this? OH! sorry h0ly one post hehe pleeeze dont kill im still single!!!!
WTF??? is this ff at all if it is i have know idea wher u live!
looked better on paper!
hhhhhhm...... naaaaah! but thanks for the offer anyway xkrazydog!!!! :)
YOU AGAIN ?!?!??!?!? im gettin pissed off!!!! GASP GASP ... wuuuuusa wuuuuu usa WUUUUUSA!!!!
pleeeeeeeese DUDE IM SA?YIN PLEEEEZE stop dissin me! so i likee polo? atticus likes jumpers! and sixty women i know like being topless!!!!!!! JK! im calm now!buuuuuut... LOL fire hazard!!!! XD but still..
Yah Dude listen im running out of ideas ( i lost my first comic drawn) but it is totaly random!
WTF!?!?! Charmanders arent liters THats why i hate child smoking! im not flaming like last time! GAAAAAHAGHAAAAA
HEY H0ly! sorry i edited! But now that i remember what i was going to say!Why in such mood???
WHY in such mood??? just trying to be funny (yes im banned from furoms) which means i cant privete message! I'd thought something else would happen!
what you talk what is that noise that is cumming out of yr hard drive??? Natacia? that was out of topic and it seems like u want someone to listen
Sorry for any missunderstandment i have read IN A BOOK (woah) that there is alot of miisunderstandment alover they should really put e-motes (i have e-motes too ya know! T-T ) plus i totaly saight out the fact to look at holy's gender! sorry it was the avatar that got me!
Sorry i like 8-bit things(i made it on paint! no pro maker!
FINE!!! ... but you said "flaming her" "xkrazydog" ..... if you made a misstake i take that but IM A BOY!!!!! no girl the difference is ******************
yes i have a high voice (so when i say llllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaike i say it high but not too high!)
sorry for late comeback but stop it Dune your a guest dont abuse it abuse it when yr parents allow you to make an account (unlees yr over 18) but something just aint't right...... oh the EYES of the other dude who won bulbasuar TO MUCH OF A CLOSE UP!
HOLY SHIT! what happened to the style you made everyone's face different! (except oak THANK GOD!) if you're experamenting and waiting for someone to say sumthin' i say ...okay i guess..
Hello! im back sorry for me posting im gunaa make a fan comic my computer's internet went down....:( but in the mean time i made something else! SATURDAY for SURE!
WHAT!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATeh!? OMG OMFG Oh my ****ing GAAASH! how dare he !!! what the fuck is he gunna do? huh? Huh? HUH? get a caterpie and call it a day!? Nooooooooooooooooo oi thank you! hehe i said oi hehe sorry i had FLI at school .... PENUS GOES IN THE VIGINA!/ *thwack*
ooooooooow SHut UP! no one wants to here about viginas / ....... uuuh except you/ ...... toushe....
THAAAAAAANK.....u...and god! XD
if anyone wants to see it wait until wendsday jan 14 2009 (yes im lazy) and click my comic yyyaaaaaaaaaaah!
holy handgrenade with yr permission may i make a fan comic on my site doing exactly what i think will hapen next...
/// o o//// uhhh... im kindo' alrady working on it and it needed 2 i copy-pasted your comic(this one to be exact) to help explain it sooooooo.... is it a yes or a no im leaving tommarow night to a friend in ********* and i wont be backuntil sunday! so im updating tommarow! "***" = something that you keep your fucking nosey flat ass nose away from! >:(