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the wandering sword
I like food... And video games... Why are you reading this anyway... Stalkers!!! GO AWAY!!!!
-Curls up into fetal position-
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personally i hate cynthia's guts.... so i never really paid much attention to her...
I'd like to see a grass rock type.... .-. is there even a pokemon that type?
the face in the 6 panel made me crap myself laughing lol
ok you have done a much better static effect on this one good job lol
i had trouble telling what was going on in the last panel.... i could rea the words but the picture was far too staticy.... but nice effect overall lol
lol why haven't i seen this comic sooner?
lol nice sheet... and i know how it is to have some crap whore steal ur sprites... i had my Cinos sheet stolen twice in one freaken day....
yay update ^ ^
the faces on the last dango are priceless lol
this sounds like my mom when she got re-hooked to video games .-. she was one of those original gamers ._.
lol cept she's the cool parent lol
lol wht program are u using?
Thts cause the scarlet spider is dead ._. thts why u don't hear much about it... also the clone saga of spider-man (mainstream) was a huge mess apparently so not a lot of the people at marvel bring him up...
Spidey needs to call king pin "mayor mcfatty pants" X3

oh and fav for using the scarlet spider ^ ^
lol this is a great comic, Faved!