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My current occupation is a bartender...
I like to draw, but I tend to get kinda lazy without a schedule to follow.

I've been trying to draw a few comics before, but it didn't turn out to be such a good idea in middle of high school.(Lotsa lotsa no time at all) And not to meantion a lousy drawer on anatomy....-__-'(I think I've gotten better)

My likes are; dragons, wolfs, sea creatures, drawing, music, anatomy, fantasy and reading. And of course my lovely supporting boyfriend!

My dislikes;... Ego-heads, lousy Internet, thunderstorms and wet ink...
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Aaaahh! I'm dying with suspense!!! D:
If it were me. That hoodie wouldn't be gone before passing it's 20th birthday.
It's funny how one doesn't realize where most of the ideas come from. For then to completely shut it down.

But I've seen you break through before. I'm sure you'll manage to come up with good ideas again! <3
Update! :D
I'm really starting to like this shading technique. It's a little time consuming, but I think I'll stick to it.

What do you think?
@Genericicon :
He's.. Complicated. :) It got something to do with his basic instincts. His kind has the actual urge to kill. And they enjoy it. Though, since he's been living with humans most of his life he kinda get disgusted by himself.
@Genericicon :
I'm currently working on the next one as we speak. ^^ Have patience with me, I have homework as well and need to prioritize .

But thank you so much for all those comments and praise. I'm very happy you like the comic so far! :'D
Indeed. Someone did her research <3
I wonder why I ended up with giving Demion a pipe. Now I just can't imagine him without one.
Double update! :D
New update. This time I added the epilogue. If you have read this before, make sure to check out the two additional pages at the start of the comic.
A little intro. :)

I feel like this story is finally starting to go somewhere.
Pretty much what I did this weekend as well. Pokemon X is awesome! OwO

CONGRATSSS!!! :D:D:D *hugs to death*
Ever considered becoming a poet?
The school has started, I've moved into my new place and I can get on with my comic once again!

I had no idea moving was so exhausting! Why didn't my folks tell me when said I thought I'd be done in a two weeks period!! Thats just evil! XD
It's not lethal is it? O__O
Just one more line... Or 20 and her face is done. And then, and then andthen!! D:
That's just what it is to be Norwegian... Though he exceeds even my paleness. O__O
The mess one can make within ones own mind... I tend to let things go and take a break when that happens. Sometimes it helps. :)
Aw, takk! :D Jeg jobber med det.
(Håper du er fornøyd med tegningen.) :)
Chapter done. Next will come up shortly. :)