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Flash TH
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@LightTH Yes. This is what happens when you piss off the brave little toaster. He turns into a giant airplane with heat seeking missiles, mini nukes, and a cargo bay to barf fighter jets with lasers from.
Wow haven't been here in a while and I can tell you've gotten better at your drawings. The the lines are really smooth cept for a few parts where it changes size. The shading is incredible. Colors aren't over-flowing the lines cept that little white pixel line on the scarf. It's a very good picture even with it's very miner problems which aren't very noticable.

What program did you use to line and color it?
This is turning into the filler house with all the fusions.
Good thing he moved out of the way.
Yeah some girls are weird in that game. But others are normal.
Why must everyone steal my clothes...
B would be my choice but I choose C so Whip can have some time with Tikal. c:
...where are the tracks...
I thought it was " You killed him! He was my lover! "
The clothes he usually us wears are mine! I want them back! D<
I actually like this game.

It's not a really good game...but it's a step in the right direction for Sega considering the last 3 console games. =/
cingin: I knew someone was going to say that after seeing this.
Wonder if my Demon sprites will work for a Shinigami...
Yes but apparently 3 spots opened up. &#963;&#963;
Poor Jr. clone.
Djoing: Yes you can make animations in Gimp. I've done it's thousands of times
Give her a new item like: "The Rod of seasons" or "The Fire and Ice wands"