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You can find more of my anime/manga fanart and originals on deviantART: ! :D
I love doing cheap and wonderful commissions of all kinds so email me if you are interested!
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yay! I'm happy to see you and your comic back again! XD It's an wonderful comic! Hey, what language are you translating from? You seem to be doing well by yourself in English! See you on deviantART!
thanks PJupiter! hehe I hate HATE drawing scenery...
the top left corner picture is actually of Mitsune ^-^;; but thank you!

Thank you both for your comments!
We're so glad you all are interested in our comic!
hehe this page is bigger than the others... they are usually 600 pixels wide... Smack Jeeves is weird, huh :D And all the illustration pics (except Natsumi's first portrait) are all small... Sorry to complain, EJ... I'm too much of a perfectionist ^-^;;
Thank you so much, EJ! :)
hey readers! thank you for checking out our comic! Just in case you'd like to know, Princess Natsumi is also posted and updated on devianART at This illustration can be seen larger here:
Yep! I colored this with colored pencils... thanks for asking!
EJ? Could you replace this Natsumi portrait with the cleaned up one on dA? THank you!!
does Smack Jeeves have an art section for our comic? It seems awkward to have art in the middle of the chapter. :) Maybe if they do, this can go in profiles or something... Sorry to be piccky.. ^-^;;
thank you so much for updating the comic pages, EJ!
hey, EJ! I finally logged in here. I think we should update this pic with the newer, cleaner one. :) If you want, I can send it to you. Oh, also both of our links at the top are wrong.