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Not much to say except that I'm the type of girl who:

- put herself in her stories
- recycles her characters
- has a nasty habit of not finishing her stories
- torturing her poor unfortunate characters (messing with their lives)
- creating new stories until she lose count (which is happening right now)

Goal: update at least 1 page each day
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that kind of reaction was expected... I mean no preparation, got to hurt like hell! ouch!
OMG I'm first to comment YAY! Btw I dont find Hiro ugly, I think he's pretty cute that way too!^^
did the egg hatch? *hope*
OMG I totally remember this story!!! your drawing also got so much better! I'm so excited to know what happens next! :D
OMG! At the beginning I thought he looked like Canada but now he looks like Takao from your other story What about love? OMG! 0o0
oh really sorry because to shota meant little boy to me so yeah...sorry *sweatdrop* either way he is about my height I guess, cuz Im 148.5 cm lol
I knew it! I knew he was the teacher!
that onii-chan look a lot like the english teacher!
question how tall is the guy? He doesnt look like a shota to me....
he cant possibly be jealous of a cake?!
LOL XD its bad romance from lade gaga!LOL!
but still the resemblance is really hard to miss.........oh and about the book .....HELL YEAH!!!XD
LOL XD did not expect that to happend and yay first comment, kept up the good work!!!
Wah? Ok, I did not expected that!!
ok....that was random!!XD
thx 4 the update and he kind of look dead..... I wonder why?
btw Yay first comment again!!!
Dude you understand male nut not male??! *caught*retard*caught*loser
soo....he"s that type right? the Im straight but just so happend to have fallen in love with a guy right?
Quebec(Montreal) Canada
Bridal? I prefer the term princess! ....XD LOLZ!!!