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Stuff about me:

-b'day is 12 March
-Draws anime
-a little boyish

Enjoy my webcomic ~ xD
and check out my website.
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I'm so sorry guys OTL
For everyone who has been so kind to follow this comic, I am now officially ending it (for now), due to lack of motivation and art failure OTL
Look at that drawing! Its damn friggin recent, yes. And it looks different again XD hahahaha..
I srsly need to redo this comic. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not abandoning it, just practicing more and then redrawing it ^^;
Have fun, guys. I love all of you <3
Argh!! You found it XDD hahaha this is embarrassing, don't tell ANYONE in FB, ok?? This webcomic is A SECRET from my friends (Only a select few know about it :P)

The first few pages are very old lor.. dunno what to do XD just continue
December 11th, 2010
Hi Adrian!! This is Brenda in Facebook.. hahahaha :P
Anishka : Thanks ^^ Yeah, currently trying to practice on the side profiles more.. The previous pages were like... 2 years ago O___o;;; I noticed too. OTL;;

brandithica83 : Awww... really?? >w< Thank you!!! I'll try my best ^^;

InSaNeBlOnDe97 : ahahaha.. sorry ^^;; too busy.. being free. HAHAHA.. xD Thanks btw!!
SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive me for the late update OTL;;
I'm too busy lounging around at home, since it's the holidays now
Wheeeee \o/ <3<3<3

Hey Hey.. It's Raiu.. LOL
Kami, what are you thinking about?! OTL;;

Oh, If you like... Add me in Facebook! You can stalk and pester me there <3
Har har
Hi... guys....
OMG I'M BACK LAWL is anyone still here? >__>

Okay.. sorry guys!! So so so sorry for just going away for so long. Omg.. its almost 1 year @A@ oh dear

Well then, now that I'm done with my major exams, I AM FREE! YESS!! WHOO!!!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ Now I can continue the comic -___-;;
as expected, my art style changed again.. oh well, I hope its much better this time!! :D And I'm just going to add minimal screentoning this time.. screentoning takes so long -___-;;

Haha.. Tadaima! xDD wtf
To Everyone
So many comments! Thank you Crazygirl132 for saying such sweet things :)
I'll try to find the time to draw... OTL;; it's already been 6 months, I feel bad, you know..
My art probably changed a lot already OTL so I hope everyone don't mind the sudden change in styles, yeah? x3
Thanks sooo much for caring and missing me! ILU <3<3
Carrots! Wtf <3
lawl. Somehow this reminds me of K-On.
But not exactly like it, though :D
Can't wait to see moar :0
ARGGHHH!! The emotion! I wanna cry!! ;A;
I'm sorry guys..
I'm not being a bitch or anything.. but I've been lacking motivation nowadays.. not because of school or the holidays, but because I feel like nobody is giving any comments.
Well.. every time I update my comic, I expect at least ONE comment, or something nice to read. But what do I get? None. I really destroys my motivation, you know? It's like nobody cares to look or at least say something about the page. I wouldn't mind if I even get a comment saying "I think his arm is a bit off." I mean, it's a comment, right? And I'd be glad that you are able to correct my errors and all.

Please give some comments, guys.. I bet out of the 100+ fans I have, at least 10 is following the updates and actually LOOKING at the pages. But it would be better if you leave some comments too. :)
Thanks for understanding.. but I promise you, I won't stop updating this comic.
Ohhh guys, you have NO idea how lazy I was these past few days OTL somebody shoot me.
I'll be sure to update, or try to. uhh... >.>
LOL! It's Roy!! and that's me! He's naked!! OMG! fail.

Lol you gotta love that Rance pose (if you know Sengoku Rance, you'll understand)
I am aware of the anatomy/proportion errors in this picture, so please do not point them out for me. C:


Art & People © NKumiko
@ charminganime1092 : Thank you! Haha xD
Sorry guys, I've been such a lazy arse these past few days D:
I'm gonna draw page 16 soon, SOON!! I hope... >.>" And I guarantee that you'll like the next page :D Cuz there are.. uhh... you'll see :D Something fanservice-ish(?) <.<"

Ohhh man when I was screentoning the page I zoomed in the "... What am I doing?" part to fix the words, and my dad passed my computer and said "Yeah, What ARE you doing??" xDD I lol'd.

Btw, in this page you get a little peek of Kaeri and Kami's room doors :D Apparently their rooms are right next to eachother, and if you can read it, they both stuck notice papers on their doors to tell eachother not to enter their room :D

*little sidenote : I changed the tablecloth patterns because I noticed it was the same as the schoolgirls' skirts OTL Tablecloth skirts..
** another note : Comic Fiesta coming soon! I can't wait!!!
*** ANOTHER note lulz : Kami's face in panel 4 looks like he's getting raped :D OTL
oh god, that must be a horrible view D:

but then again, PWND!
@lliythoun : Lol yay! xDD
@White Magician : Ahhh.. thanks! Oh.. btw, what happened to your comic? xP