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I used to make comics but now I am just a reader on Smackjeeves.
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    Marcus Brigade?
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for those who don't know it's this:
Just letting everyone know I've changed accounts

Unfortunately I wont be continuing this comic as I have still quit spriting. But please feel free to look at my new drawn comics though

sup guise, i hurd that yeah shut up <:D
Glad everyone is in agreement
disregard the comic kinny posted, the new spriters hotel has not been made yet but when it is it will be owned by doc and blitz.
@Hat Tricks Drew it myself :D
panel 2 = win
theres something about the hair in the last pannel that I love
June 10th, 2010
Latest 3 updates wierd, no?
as a twelve year old i must now giggle like an eight year old
So much better, colours on the pants are really bright then really dark though :/
Also just so you all know, It's not Blitz, it's doc who is owner now.
Me and doc made it together so if I leave it's his.
Trif your not involved
i'm the cheap 35p energy drink at my local shop that tastes like toilet water
I don't like this =_=