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I am a genetically modified chicken with a pineapple crown. You may call me PCP, Purple, Pikey, Piney, Purby, Purps, or PurpleChickenPineapple.
Or just give me a new nickname.
DeviantArt refuses to let me log in so this place will have to do.
Greetings from 3 in the morning

I sleep now
At last! Dedede is free.

Long live the king
Motivation is fleeting, but there!
I may be picking this comic back up. Here's a page I had finished but never posted because of my waning interest.
I knew that beautiful stained-glass window was destined to be broken.
Made this awhile ago. I think there's a ship somewhere here.

"The perfect unison of Choris and Aura. Their love child, Choura."
Yes! Another update within this year.
Another nightmare!

Another update!
It's that time again!

The 20th anniversary of me and the (late) 4th anniversary of Crabs!

So finally, have an update!
Kirby's busy saving Dreamland so instead Waddle Dee learns not to mess with Coners.
Download it here and watch
He's really feelin' it.
1024 x 768 wallpaper for the holidays.

...Not sure what holiday though.
Seriously, Rico.
That's right. They'll beat him in a game of Blackjack!
Except that if you look closer, Mario's orientation is not the same in them both. In the Super Mario Deluxe one, he's leaping outward from where the view is looking. In the Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga one, he's actually jumping into Luigi.

Similarly, Luigi's position is different in both images too. In SMD, he's jumping out same as Mario, but in the opposite direction. And finally in M&LSuStSa, he's not jumping at all, but trying to keep his balance while being pushed by Mario.
So really the images are quite different.

That aside, it is uncommon to see the bros. side by side heading into (or rather away from) the fray. So it's easy to the similarities of two rare occurrences. Good find!