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Until I get dedicated enough to draw down my very own comic, I'm just going to be chillin' here all lazy-like and enjoy everyone else's.

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Wow, I'm so happy I came across your comic! I love your art and story, I can't wait to read more! Thanks for posting :)
September 21st, 2012
Wow, I just recently found this comic! It's amazing, I wish I'd found it sooner. The storyline and the art are fascinating, keep up the great work, yo! :D
Pfffhahaha xD I swear, each new page you post gets to me. Always something unexpected and I love it! :D
Nothing like coming home to my computer and finding a new page! :D This made my day (Or what's left of it, haha xD)! Dice's reaction to Nine is absolutely priceless, by the way xD
I'm lovin' this! You have a great art style and a great way of using it to make a story! Can't wait to read more! :D
I really like your art style--it's something different from most other styles I've been seeing lately :) So far, I'm keeping up with the pace of your comic, too :D I can't wait to read on!
AND ALSO! Whitney comes off as too nice to not be evil deep down inside >:O
Lol, I'm enjoying this new version of Introverted! I feel bad for not finding it sooner!

Thanks for updating :D
I just came across y'alls comic this evening, and I just wanna say it's amazing! I love the lineart and the flow of the story a bunch right now, and I can't wait to read more! :D

Keep up the awesome work! ^^
Just came across y'alls comic, and I'm loving it so far! Helix and his homunculus are growing on me, and I can't wait to read more as the story unfolds :)
I love this!
I can't believe it took me this long to find this comic.

What will happen next??? 8D
This is really gorgeous! I can't wait to see more! :D
November 30th, 2011
This is really awesome! I can't wait for the next colored page! :D Keep up the good work!
This comic is so cute! <3
Your art is so gorgeous!!! And I love the story so far!!! Please keep up the good work :D
And lol, what a way to divert from a question xD
"QT" like "cutie"? lololololololol idk if that was even the point, but whatever xD

I like your comic so far-- it's funny and easy to follow :3 It'd be cool if you made a "Slash Corner" for slashy off-plot shorts!!! lol, as long as you have the time for it ^^;

Keep up the good work, yo!!!
June 8th, 2011
How did I manage to live without reading this comic before today??? lol, seriously, this is hilarious!!! And I love your art style :D Keep it up, yo!!! :3

Rasputin is going to Narnia after all~~~ xD
This comic is awesome, why did it take me so long to find it?? I REALLY really like how you capture each panel and how you bring out each character's personality!!! Skillz, yo.
And AAAH--I can't wait to see what'll happen next!!! :D What'll happen to Gunner??? >w<
April 30th, 2011
This comic is pure gold!!! I'm lovin` every page! :D
That would be awesome! ^^