Hey. I'm 21, just call me inubasket (: Normally I write horror and fantasy stories, but I secretly enjoy drawing funny teen romance comics in my spare time. Thanks for checking out my profile, and please enjoy my comics!
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Your drawings are so beautiful :o :o
You're back!!!!
The first step to healing is admitting you're hurting!
I'm gonna cry D:
Lol xD
I definitely feel the heartbreak in his smile :( :( :(
April 20th, 2017
I just wanted to comment and tell you that I love this comic!

And, he makes a very good point. :o
OH SHEEEET what's happening! :o
@Spaghetti: In the twilight zone :(
Omg lol.
To be fair, 'go on living normally' is human nature anyway. Like, her entire kingdom is gone, what else is she supposed to do?? Lol
@TheGreys: NOOnonononono I don't share. Tell them off. ~~~
You know I have never really gotten fangirl crushes on fictional characters before but Sergio may truly be the first. Lol
I *seriously* love how diverse your characters are!!!

FYI I will be buying this comic in the upcoming month.
Glad to see he got his color back!

And his tongue xD (jk)
@razephyr: I THOUGHT that maybe it was a ploy and she was in on it!!

Syrin is my faves tbh

^ (That's me, realizing some serious character development is about to happen)
Does Neo like Syrin at ALL lol (not necessarily in a romantic way but even just as a friend/person)?

Also, she forgave him really quickly for trying to kill her xD
I have to know- what program are you drawing this with??

(Methinks Serjee somewhat regrets taking these children in. Lol)