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Hey. I'm 21, just call me inubasket (: Normally I write horror and fantasy stories, but I secretly enjoy drawing funny teen romance comics in my spare time. Thanks for checking out my profile, and please enjoy my comics!
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I'm still here too :) I like this comic! I'm interested in seeing where the plot goes, and the art is really cute :D
It's beautiful!!! Omg he did it !! >//< :D
Just found this comic- I love it! +faved

I like how Karen is excited yet realistic about all this new info. And how she refers to them as magical girls lol. Very cute
Is he wearing pants or did he steal her pantyhose too?? *crying*
@TheGreys: I was just thinking that xD T_T xD
Your drawings are so beautiful :o :o
You're back!!!!
The first step to healing is admitting you're hurting!
I'm gonna cry D:
Lol xD
I definitely feel the heartbreak in his smile :( :( :(
April 20th, 2017
I just wanted to comment and tell you that I love this comic!

And, he makes a very good point. :o
OH SHEEEET what's happening! :o
Omg lol.
To be fair, 'go on living normally' is human nature anyway. Like, her entire kingdom is gone, what else is she supposed to do?? Lol
@TheGreys: NOOnonononono I don't share. Tell them off. ~~~
You know I have never really gotten fangirl crushes on fictional characters before but Sergio may truly be the first. Lol
I *seriously* love how diverse your characters are!!!

FYI I will be buying this comic in the upcoming month.
Glad to see he got his color back!

And his tongue xD (jk)