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*waves* I'm sorry I don't comment more but I read every update!!

<3 <3 <3
January 3rd, 2019
kay so, I went back to the beginning of the comic and sure enough, it's revealed first chapter that everybody is born with a string. and they connect to your soul mate once you meet them.

the comic has been going on for so long that we all forgot about that XD It was fun re-reading the comic from the start tho!
I love this comic so much omgg
@Toxicodendron: Ahaha! ;) Please continue to read~
@Toxicodendron: Thank you for giving it a chance!! I hope you end up liking it :D :D
Sorry for the hiatus!!! Thank you for still reading :D
This comic hits so close to home it makes me want to cry (except rather than alcohol, my mom had bipolar disorder & manic depression).

Also Amber has the same exact birthday as my own daughter :o
I started reading this comic thinking it'd be some silly yaoi but oh my God I cannot believe how GOOD THIS IS!!! It's fantasy but it's so close to reality, like I actually feel myself getting angry and sad and happy along with the characters like omggg T_T This is honestly the best comic I've read in years.
@TheGreys: I'm not going to let you end this comic without showing us his first music video, jsyk~~~
@TheGreys: Ugghh girrll I'm so sorry you're going through that :/ :/

I feel your pain. I'm mid-20s too, and I have Tachycardia (high heart rate), some minor heart blockages, and I get random blood clots in my feet every few months that hurts like shit and leaves me unable to walk for a week at a time.

Bullshit that we're so young and already have to deal with this stuff.

I seriously hope they find out what's going on with you and get you back to feeling well again.

I'm also majorly excited to see the comic come back!! Even if you go on hiatus for 10 years, I'll still def be around to read it when you return. ~~
Ugh sorry for the hiatus! MWF updates will commence as intended!
Just wanted to pop in and say I love this series!

...And how could you leave us on a cliffhanger :(
((Sorry for skipping Monday (I'm trying to do a M/W/F update schedule but got distracted). Ended up rushing this page, and I couldn't decide what to put outside the window (hence why each window shows a more detailed scene than the last).))
I've been curious since this comic first started-- what are the languages used and are they ALL real or did you create some yourself??

Also I REALLY hope the poor kid finds his mom :(
Chapter 4 page 92 peeps. Scotty's fam let Kylee live with them for a while but kicked him out when they found out the two were gettin intimate~~
@Captain Ghost: Yes! Haha omg I'm amazed someone remembers!

I deleted the last version because I felt like some issues were being resolved too quickly while others were taking too long. And some of the plot made no sense because I was adding in a lot of "guest characters" from other comics and it just lost the whole point of the plot after a while.

If you remember liking the last version, I hope you'll give this one a chance~~
February 28th, 2018
Oh noooo I look forward to these updates so much!! :(

Hope everything is okay in real life. I love this comic!!
I'm so thrilled with all these updatessssss