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Wah, thank you! I never thought someone would read it :D
April 17th, 2011
An audition to enter the Holy Cross Tournament.
*Sob* Sorry, but I will drop out. I hope others will keep this school alive. See you ^^ and good luck.
Ty : D
I'm so glad someone's alive XD. I'm waiting for your upload/update Ö3Ö!
I'm alive
Sorry for being so inactive, but I lost interest when no one uploaded. So I'll upload this (it's so sloppy done I'm sorry) as a try to convince every co-arthour to upload some comic 8D yeah.

(The landmine frase is so lame XD... please help me think of a better one XD)

You're free to continue, anyone. If you want to that is ^^

Why did he become angry? Well it's mostly because Xiang is "taunting" him.
Ohhhh, more pls~ *quietly waiting for more*
Omg XD Interesting character! I would love to see her 'in action'. XD
^ Yay, ty 8D.
New day pt5
Ugh sorry for the delay and the not-well-done-comic page... I'll do better next time m(_ _)m

Pls, continue somebody.
Omg XD This was something I've never expected, how cool!
That's good Samual ^^~ You should be protective XD

And I don't think you've overdone with the tones ; )
December 30th, 2009
Kya XD How cute1! Wah love the idea XD
Hoho you don't need to worry about that 8D I have an idea i'll draw soon; after that someone posted a comic page X3

And merry christmas everyone :3

Edit: Aw ;~;, hope it goes away soon!
.-. I dunno
But she's not saying what, she's thinking it; perhaps I made it a little unclear >.<

Oh you mean the sorry part XD, omgah I totally forgot xD. Sorry will change.
^ In the beginning I was planning to take Chi but then when he relized she was the daughter of the mightiest man in the world, well, you'll see, I have a story for that too ^^
I didn't have acces to the net on this computer in awhile.. until now XD So finally a page.

Pls continue I dunno how she would act XD.

Edit: sorry I forgot she didn't like to talk. Thanks to Inxerene for telling me 8D
Ahahah XDDDD
Omg so awsome! I want to see more >.<!
*moore XD*
Omg hilarious! XDDD
Yaay! Go ahead 8D
I'm thrilled to see yours x3
If anyone wants to continue go ahead ^^, just warn me first or I'll just upload XD

And come one everyone upload more comic. It's fun to read : D