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My name's Tanner, but many call me Tanicius - after my fursona. I've been drawing ever since I was little, and I hope you guys will like whatever I post here... though if you really want an awesome comic, check out the Grand Ashworth Fortune by Darkspeeds, or Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures by Amber Williams!

I like video games, mainly RTS(Command and Conquer, Europa Universalis, Civilization) and Action/Adventure(Jak and Daxter). My favorite series of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog, followed by stuff like DMFA and TGAF.

I also like things abnormal for my age. I like learning, having intelligent conversations(politics for the win), and I tend to get along better with older people.

But enough about me... it's the comics you wanna hear about! I hope to get a page of my own, and hopefully others will read it. :)

See ya!
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    Tanner S.E. Bates
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Final page of this chapter.

Next chapter will involve more experimentation with how I do these things.

Have a great Easter everybody.
We all saw this one coming.
Seems suspicious!

Ty @ Krome Studios
Say hello to Sage, leader of the South Island Freedom Fighters!

Just a quick followup to Silver's "dafuq?!" face. We return to the main story next page.
Wooo, another!

I've no plans for Silver in the future of the comic at this time, but here, have a brief guest appearance!

This is the first strip to be made traditionally and then colored/outlined via computer. What do you think? Those layers really are bloody useful!

Characters © SEGA
Plain, yes. Not all of 'em are gonna be detailed!

Sonic also finally obtains his iconic gloves. No more claws!
Ignore the background characters, ignore them I say!

Accip © His player
RIP Chili dogs. Sonic's belly hardly knew ye.

My friend Jay / Jizzal was kind enough to let me use him as the effeminate fashion skunk there.

I cannot draw women. But alas, I try.

Coming up, more cameos. Some of which you may even recognise.

Sonic © SEGA
Jay Ednor © His player
3.8, bueno!

Finally after like two months. Man. I'm worse than STCO. (In all seriousness though, great work STCO team, just poking fun. :P)

Between courseworking piling up and commissions, I had a hard time finding the focus to do this, but here it is.

I hate group shots. They take forever and when I'm done, they suck.

So, enjoy your GTA I simulation.

Characters © SEGA
Reo "Amp" and Dylan "Bazooka" Williams © Tanner Bates
That was horrible.

...I freaking love it. <3
And this is why you don't make fun of sidekicks. You never know when they will crack open the can of buttwhoop.
Built to withstand heat, maybe, but nothing can withstand Knuckles' punches.
The next time I draw South Island, I swear to Enerjak, it will be ON FIRE.

Sorry this took so long, guys. Hopefully the next strips won't be as time consuming. I almost miss the trees.


Amp/Bazooka © Tanner Bates
Trill, Dex © Their players
Every few pages I intend to do little intermissions to space the chapters out, as well as help inject more information into the comic strip. These usually contain info that's on the wiki, but for non-wiki goers, this will be helpful.

Chapter 3-7's coming along slowly, and you'll see why!

See you guys in a few days or so!
The adventure begins! How do you find a speedy hedgehog in an entire province? Well umm. I don't know. That's what we're going to find out aren't we?

Amp/Sage/Bazooka © Tanner Bates
I'd just like to say thanks to anyone who visits the page; even just a quick visit each day helps me out a lot due to the new advertisement system. There's only one few-second ad per day per viewer, but it really helps me out.


Okay maybe not too many trees. Just lots of copy/pasta. It's-a me, T-Fox!

Still have those cameos open if anyone wants to grab one!

Reo © TaniciusFox/Tanner Bates
(( You can support Sonic Shift by clicking here - - just skip to the picture after a few seconds have passed and I will receive a small donation at no cost to you! Any and all clicks are appreciated. =] ))

And it's time for Treevenge. No not that movie, though that's hilarious(and I suggest you look it up).

Introducing Reo, better known by his war name "Amp." He's a kind, but easily irritated bunny-lynx hybrid, who isn't too happy with trying to locate something that is hard to even see.

Sonic, meanwhile, is STILL having issues avoiding trees. It's like they have a magnetic pull towards hedgehogs.

The tax collector is a bat. See if you can find the joke there.

Reo © TaniciusFox/Tanner Bates
All characters, unless not applicable, are © SEGA
Is time to go back to trees next panel. Sigh.

The plot thickens. 3 issues in and we're already playing "The Game."

Yet another obscure STC reference here.