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Fiora Aroura
August 12th, 2017
Looks like she's thought of something 8X
And her eyes are fixed. At least for now.
Fiora Aroura
August 5th, 2017
Sounds like Sito has a beating coming.... Unless he's already had one... or three XD

Some touchy nerves when it comes to leaving a certain family member all by themselves.
Sometimes ya just need a hug.
Ohey, he caught up : D
"We gotta get outta here, now!"

"I can't leave her behind! I've got to save her!"

"What? Save the beast that's been trying to kill us?"

"That wasn't her fault, she was being used by--"

Seems like things come full circle eventually.
You hear something?
Yea. She's gunna have red eyes for life now. Unless there's a way to suppress it.
@Vallany: Heh, sorry ^^; I've been working on this on the side but didn't really want to put it on DA until I had a fair amount of pages made. So I just kinda threw it here for now XD
But thank you! :D
He's pretty casual. Probably comes here often.
What other reason do you need?
Well that's one way to look at it.
The cover for the comic.
Ooooh she's getting a vision from a deceased lion king 0_0 Cue the music!
Yea Dar got a redesign. Sort of. Just made his hair prettier. Since it's been four years since I last drew him.....Dang 8(
Well now look what ya did...
you made the background go away 8|

Another page so soon :'D
It keeps getting worse every outbreak. Who knows what could happen next time...
Daaaw ^^
Yaay 135 pages and we finally get an official confession :D (Though I doubt it was hard to tell anyway XD)
At least on one side. What about the other.... 8|
Here comes round two... better flee 0-0
Conceal don't feel 8X
And no, Furlings don't have human looking feet.
Things are getting dangerous.
Fiora Aroura
April 29th, 2017