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Krystal Lenora the rabbit
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you like rane huh? :D
theyre pretty much the same thing
You guys tried to scare me by dressing up as a gost!
I liked it!
Hey guys do you want to here what our voices sound like? you can watch this movie.
At KidmoneyTh
Well my friend Fiora makes these comics for me and i just write the story.
I keep on telling Rane before we go to sleep Lugbzurg.
I know this sounds weird but what are you guys talking about?
Fiora and I are all most done with the comics.
Well he got to hear MY voice!
You mean...about being "Lugbjerk"?
My friend Fiora Aroura should get the real credit for this page cause she made it for me. But this is how my story starts out.
Would this help?
Oh thats good. Cause Fiora said that you might be an old man.
I can drive a four-wheeler!!!

btw do you even know what we're talking about?