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star of darkness
thats really good and i love it
thats really cool and thats very good
thanks you very much
i know its not that good ok im still am working on my drawings
you need to ok let him take his time
thats cool and lol and good
sad but very good shadow
its very very very good trust me
dont worry you did great on it and its good to wait
i hope you guys like this. the mom's name is Teresa and the girl she is talking to is death she has no heart and her father name is Grim. the grim riper and oh i finlly got it right
thats really cool and cute at the same time
i want to know if shadow can draw some thing for me in this page
k, sorry i understund i can just try to scaend it for a mounth when i get home i will try but its big. and im away from home im in colage