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Im smart, Shy, and Nice. Unfortunately, i'm also opinionated. I hate to argue, as I find it to be a meaningless waste of time and energy. I've frequently been called anti-social...huh.
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Jim's win was well deseved. Between Alleio, Luna, and all the Super Idol antics, he had to actually SURVIVE to make it to the end, as opposed to... whatever Tapioca accomplished this whole game, I'm drawing a blank.
10 bucks says Robbie votes for Shelby because he can't decide between SB or Lola.
Wait, wait, wait a goddamn minute. Maggie punches Mike in the face and gets ejected, Enter sets Sharker on fire and wins immunity. AND Jeff just handwaves the whole "Enter has been duplicating immunity idols" thing?

Yeah, this season is irredeemable.
I don't really understand how Maggie could logically receive more than one penalty vote when she only actually destroyed one immunity idol... that was multipled several times. Then again, Jeff lets Enter get away with all his other rule breaking, so why not?
Jesus mary, I know SWSU loves his Villain Sues, but this is getting silly now.
The Miracle Never Happen
A tribe swap already? That bugs me as much as Blood vs Water bugs me. It's not a "vs" if the teams get mixed up not even halfway through the season!

Oh well... I guess "Fans and Canons" doesn't roll off the tongue as well as "Fans vs Canons" <___<
Spongebob is a damn idiot.
What a tribe of wimps. "Oh no what if I catch a cold." Bah. I hope they get Ulong'd.
I come from October of 2013. Victoly.
We had our sick girl first boot already in Season 3. Get rid of the useless guy in the lab coat.
Agh, I was hoping for Luigi and Daffy. And Spongebob is just... no.
I'm with Donovan, I thought Zoella was a zombie.
I knew she would win. Even though she didn't deserve it anywhere near as much as Eli or Sunflower.

@Vilecheese: I disagree. Melanie at least fought to stay in the best possible situation for herself, even if her invincibility got boring towards the climax. Angel spent the last 10 or so days doing absolutely nothing to save herself when she was on the chopping block, and was handed the victory.
I'm rooting for Angel to take the win. Sunflower's disappointed me in recent episodes with her questionable backstabing, and I really don't like the Gary-Stu vibes that Eli has been radiating since pre-merge.
Stupid, Stupid.
They literally just handed Angel the million dollars. Paine was practically a goat this entire game, a likable goat to be sure, but a goat nonetheless. He had Tia's vote and that's probably it.
Wait, what? Isn't Melanie the succubus from that season with that liar Heinz and that idiot Matt? How is she anything like Angel? She dominated her season to a ridiculous degree. Angel has all but throw in the towel several times.

And why isn't voting out Sunflower an option, after her blatant betrayals? She's Heel Bitsy all over again!
Sunflower took a chance and blew it rather badly. She better win final immunity (doubt it) or hope Angel doesn't or she might be a goner.
You dun ****ed up now, Sunflower.
@rac567: If anyone's an author pet, it's Eli. Dude is eating all the spotlight as much as he chews the scenery.