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I think Malakite the character himself will no longer be doing reviews as I have slowly changed his personality a bit and it would not fit the typical standard for reviewing, however I have another character who is full of criticism and good at explaining stuff, I may use her instead :P
I certainly understand how you feel, life has certainly gotten in the way and I think the majority of us grew up and moved on from this. Needless to say, I do miss the enjoyment of reviewing however I find it difficult to get back into it as I work full time and have a lot of prior obligations.

Perhaps I may return, perhaps I may not. I have not been on the comic making game in well over a decade at this point haha
Yam do you mind private messaging me please. Thanks.
As much as I woild love to continue I probably no longer have the rights to the faces I used for myself as me and the artist who drew them parted ways years ago and are not on good terms. In addition I have a full time job that pretty much ties up the majority of my week.

I certainly enjoyed doing reviews when I did, they were a lot of fun.
Very funny Yamataro :p

It was a pretty good run while it lasted. Full time job and dealing with some personal stuff pretty much occupies a lot of my time now and I had little to no time to review.

I enjoyed the laughs and entertaining you all, you've all been good sports to Malakite's brash commentary. It's sad to see the doors close butit does make sense when there isn't much time to dedicate to its fruitation.

Yam, thank you for such a great opportunity to be here for the short time I was, it was a blast and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Thank you everyone!!
Yes you may, and yours truly will review it for you.
@robybang - You probably did but with my hectic schedule I might have forgotten, sorry ^^; I can still review it if you want just supply me a link and I can give you the first slot.

@Blitz - I'm sure it will be fun and thanks
Hello everyone, long time no fucking see, miss me? No? Fuck you too! Alright anyways in all seriousness I know I have been less than active around here the past few months except for a couple of special audio reviews with Zanoh. The reason I've done no reviews or even shown my face is because back in October I started a VERY important full time job with the local Police in my area and I've been hella busy in my training. No I'm not a cop, I work as a civilian employee, but it's for a very busy and important department. The second reason is because my 32 inch tv I used as my computer monitor seemed to like to blur a lot of details especially on text so it was a major strain on my eyes to focus on the screen for hours while working on one review. I finally got a replacement monitor for my computer which will make things easier.

I will be able to return to reviewing shortly but I'm not gonna be picking from the list. What I will do is review by special request ONLY for now since my time isn't entirely free anymore. I will do one review request a week, so if anyone wants to request me for reviewing please send them my way. Yamataro, please state this on the main page for applying for a comic to review so the people are aware.

So right now i'll take one review from an author to be done for next Saturday/Sunday.
Me and Zanoh are taking Legend of Zelda - Sonic Version as our next review, against his will and all ^^. Expect another fun audio special folks.
@Blue Hahahaha you can never prove Malakite wrong :P
@WalkedAway That is an awesome fan art piece you made. I think I might replace the original pic at the top with this XD
@Yam So it's YAH MAH DONT GIVE A SHIT? Hahahaha Viper GTS is awesome.
@Zanoh Apologies, apparently the internet lagged when I was deleting and over deleted some of it. Beyond my control sadly.
Ghost Fox has been banned from this group and his posts and response posts by others have been deleted.
Hello assholes, long time no see. Yes it's been a long painful two months of you people sitting here waiting for some new rants but I assure you a new one will be out on the 25th of this month. I was on vacation for the past 7 weeks, 3 of them with my fiance visiting me and me working and then me helping her move to Tampa Florida where I currently still am until Monday.

I can't really tell you the topic name because this rant is going to be a multiple part comic that will jump on various things that have been bothering Mal over the 2 month period.

Feel free to discuss or post whatever until the new comic comes out.
People still comment here even months after I posted this lol.
Can you two stop arguing on the review page, I'm tired of getting gmail notifications like every 20 seconds. Go argue on a messenger or private message
I mind, you covered my absence comment you jackass :P
@Zanoh Your void consumes 20 GB of porn a day, you probably have enough to start your own P2P server.

@everyone else Sorry for not talking or posting much, life caught me at some corners and right now I'm vacationing in Florida until August 23rd. I'll get the reviews done when I come back ^^