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You think this is bad. At least the main characters are still alive. GO READ'll appreciate paradox even more.
I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw this updated. I thought, no, it can't be, and yet it did!
If you restart this omg! yay!
I don't wish for Jade's death, but don't kill Lucien either (Trish would be sad T^T)
I like Trish and Jade. I think they're a very combatible couple. I like Lucien though, as well, I think mainly because he's Trish's best friend. I just hope that Lucien has someone too^^
I love this comic!!!!! FINALLY THEY KISS!!! AHH!! so excited...must read more

((and I really hate to ruin this but you forgot Tomoyo's birthmark....I'M SORRRRRYYYYY I always feel horrible when I tell people about things like that))