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Cake Corp.
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Cupcake looks cute here. <3 -foundthecomicagain- Yay. :D
Cake Corp.
September 22nd, 2009
xD Sin's Father is wearing a mask, right? Cause, either way, that's hella funny. <3
D'aww~ He thinks he's grown up~ <3 Ya know, I kinda labeled him as young from the start; something about his angsty-ness made me think teen. XD

Misspelled resources in panel 2, btw. ^^
Hee. XD Cupcake's pout is cute~ <3
So very tired. D: Poor babies~ <3

-Points at Jumon- That is PRECISELY what happened. D< Don' blame me. >->

Did I mention I love the blond Caterine's glasses? o3o 'Cause I do.
Lol. XD Seika's bubble is so funny. X'3
I see two options here. One, Degguen becomes teh boyfriend or Chamhae does. XD

Plus, I am getting awesome vibes from that carrot. >w>
D: Fwuu, veins popping an' everything? He is pissed. >.<
Meh. XD Been practicing and ended up drawing an all too relaxed looking Seika. >-o D> Shirt's a bit off, though. >-<

Plus: >_> Yes, yes those are leg warmers. D< 'Tis cold, alright?!
XD This is turning out so cute! Dangguen is adorable, btw.
XDDD Lol, Seika looks so heartbroken.
D8 I LOVE THIS. AND YOU. butireallydontknowyouso I MOSTLY LOVES THIS.
Charming: Thanks~! 8D
Kittie: <3333 YES~ 8D Hormonal shock ftw. X'3

Scale: *w* -Feelstehpraise- <3 Thank ya~! XD

Catqueen: ZOMG D8 Tis bad enough Cupcake almost died from head trauma, but Cat too? >-o -Gasps-
Poofed Bethany in there just 'cause. XD I wanted ta use Koki's weird, random, and stupid side~ <3 Because, well, he was being dramatic in the other pages. X3 Hope ya can read mah horrid handwriting. DX

By the way, o-o I already had this drawn and scanned when Seika punched Ostrich, soo.. Either this happened before or Ostrich is just a reaaally quick healer. >_>
Cat: That's the idea~! x3 I didn't think you'd be able to see the three little pigs on there~ Heh. XD

Yay for approval~! >3<

Kittie: Thanks! :'3 I worked awhile on it~ <3
I wanted to draw a cutesy pic in a different style~ o3o Zero reading Salut ta sleep. 83 I like the idea of these two being friendly. XD

BTW: >_> Rawr, I claim next comic pages. >3> I just hafta clean em up first..

EDIT: Whoops.. Forgot Zero's shoes.. o-o Sorry, Kah. D8
<3 Julia looks so pretty with her hair up~ -Loves- X3

I like how close these two are~ I figured it would be like this. :'3 So natural.
Pfffuh~! X'3 Sho kyuute~ <3 Where'd she get dat donut? >w> LIttle sneak. X3