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HIIIIIII :3 Not really, I'm just your average buggaboo that listens to about everything, and acts like he can play guitar/bass :3 (Seriously, I have both of them sittin' right next to me, I haven't touched them in about 3 months ;_; ) I lurves video games and comics :) Oooo Chinese food too :O mmmmm egg fried rice....
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After seeing Diglett I was honestly expecting a Sandshrew, so I'm pleased as punch to see a Sandslash, definitely my second favorite pokemon to Eevee
Card Games in Fixed Gambling Stores. Also did you get enough for a dratini?
George - When you and Atticus were in the Viridian Forest, when you thought you were about to die and saw Atticus coming back. What was going through your mind before and after he passed you?
YAY RB update :D I wonder how Bo feels being stared at by all those other sheep o3o
No Sorry's
Don't be sorry for anything :3 All the avid readers are still here and anxiously waiting for updates. I love seeing this update it's like a christmas present, only more frequent :D Bo is just too adorable :)
Yay Update :D been checking every day :3 Now I'm curious to where the strings lead. eee so excited :D
I'd hate to see Puck die :< He's such an epic character and I love how his eyes are presented :3 I would LOVE to see Baraku and Puck fight though, just because they're both amazing characters :3

P.S. I love your comic and check back in every day for updates :D
I'd wanna try and be his friend JUST because of that introduction :) I wonder if any of the other characters will share my sentiment. :3