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yay, we get to see Spectra now! he looks better than i thought. :)

i feel that now my comics are looking better now that i switched over to a new strategy on making these comics.
haha, now things are starting to get fun! this chapter might take longer than i think... but at least we're getting into some good parts! 8D

comments would be pleasing!
Rawr, yo!
oh yeah! i found a better comic making solution! but i aint gonna tell you guys cause im in a rush right now. but anyways, i plan to finish this comic soon but i still need to go in-depth with the story here.

please comment!
Battle time!
ive got nothing to say, whether it is funny or not... i doubt enyone will come in and enjoy my comic but whatever, i'll keep making pages though.
well im back
so i got bores and decided to make a new page. it seems really hard to do this comic now... =/ but im planning on finishing it off soon so i could get to the next chapter.
i thinks its ironic that the vortex was made my "vortex" drago this time! (pun intended)

so... chris got a haircut... somehow... and were going through a portal... again.
okay, i know what you are asking. "what was that weird force field thingy near the end of this page?" you will find out soon in the next few pages. also, we were going to jump out a plane... but change of plans, sorry.
Save your tickets for a rainy day
Flame War Alert!

i love this page! too bad we cant do this on an actual plane... but here he next page!
well not much to say here but the next page i hilarious! trust me.
i am a fan of light and shiny things but i dont look at lightbulbs for a living. i do more than just that. anyways, Chris is in the house!
wait! what about the restaurant!?
There's Chris!
hehe. his head only came in. we got a flame war/phone conversation? man, he's hard to draw... i cant think of anything for him...
ok, second page and hes gonna rub it in Chris's face. Who's Chris, you say? well you'll find out is a few pages.
um... this looks like the Gaia site gave this to you.

i like it though
I'm Back!
sorry i did a disappearing act on you guys... ive been spending all of my time thinking of a new way to make comics. And so here is what came to be! this is sort of a teaser to get you ready for the comic so be prepared...
i jus noticed the giant fishes swimming through those tubes in panels 4-7
somebody need to get Erik a new bag...
*Bark! Bark!*

and shouldnt the mario hat be on the dog??? and you should have Mario arrive in the game to get his hat back later on!
*Waits till 4/9/10* no! my dog! now i gotta get another one...

another note- is there blood on the bone on panel 1?!?!
well this is the end of the Bleach segment (for now) and my next week or so we will see the next chapter! (Hint: the clue to the next chapter is in one of the past comics!)