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Hey there Smackjeeves, I'd touch your face if I could feel it through this glowing screen, caress your tender lips with my trembling thumbs and whisper how I'll always be there if I didn't think I was gonna leave you again.
Stargazers has officially migrated to

I'll be continuing to update there, but the smackjeeves location will be shutting down.
So in case anyone is still interested in reading, that's where new pages will be.
I've been a little uninspired by Stargazers for a while, but there is a lot more ground to cover, so I want to come back to this comic, but not right now. I need to write more, I want to rewrite the beginning a little, and I'm just not into working on this project right now.

WE WILL RETURN. Not sure when.

Thanks all for reading, stay vigilant for our return
oh no the gingers there too
Its never over
On point Marian
And she's out
He gettin up oh no
I think Marian doesn't know how to deal with her problems. But at least she doesn't let them get out of hand.
The ham, the poor ham
omg 100 pages what is this
And now, Team Cross
A new chapter! Here we go some more
Thus ends the first chapter wow we made it
Triple update this week cause I love you / hate leaving pages off on odd numbers
Merry Christmas y'all, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you've had an amazing year, and I hope that Santa treats you hella right today.
@piimapakk: Aaah thank you so much! I am so happy Abner is loved
@Johnd844: Thank you so much! I especially try with the akfekdbebdbk
Oh I've been waiting for him. He's my favorite character.