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chaos squeaker
none of you buisness pc
It No Over
(for them)
kirbliss/darknova is IN RK!
but i dont think there will be another comic about it D:
kirby did this earlier * you. ate. my. cheesecake. you! ate! my! cheese! cake!
in KSS ultra (which i have) he doesn't so ill guess not
that clown head is wierd (PS. im aczom!)
(PSS. i made this acount before so im lazy too cuz i hate logging in)
(PSSS. ultimate chu- whatever those mice monsters are called)
the second post in 3D... that would be cool
hasn't there been a 3d comic already? just before they met the smart kirby from that other dimension
wouldn't 2009 take years AND have like 1400 more comics than meta made already?
9... like 2009?
@ yoshicirciut
he did in the real crystal shards with 0.2
it was an hour away for me when i sent that but now it is 2009
happy new year
it'll be 2 comics until we see them because of 2009 party
(unless the great kirby goes)
he was defeated...
what happened to kirby and zero?
Wow! you just wont stop will ya? good on ya meta
GLK? i thought it was GSK as in great SPARK kirby and the readers didnt see him die, K.O or whatever. the machine just blew and its his so... and its not darkness its darkmatter
i bet its GSK in the last panel because he sent them there
Why does gooey have darkmatter spikes in the last panel... and when will the sprites change back?
yeah where are they?