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im a very lazy artist i have no job and all day to draw but i spend most of it asleep
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would follow hre blog but i run a porn blog sooo i try not to follow ppl anymore cus complaints XD
No matter how long your therefore I will adore and love all of the Art you draw and share with us in this comic form I followed you for a very long time in your adventures through these books even when I thought you'd given up if picked up the pen and carried on I'm proud of you for I could not do this but I will try like you have and try again
think most forget about golduck due to the annoying useless slapstick of the psyduck in the tv show >_< man it always annoyed me that damn duck but gould duck was always very bad ass whenever it appred XD
yoy your back :4
i think shes the ultimat evil/ devil / evil
@bananakin: yey welcome to the wacom penabled tablet world :3 quick tip you can use normal wacom pens on the note as well :D
Go gram your self autodesk sketchbook its a cracking app to draw with on the note :)
@bananakin: how goes things ? ya alive still ;p did the house move go ok?
@sconic123: no its a tarp
sure in my yellow cart pecaslut folloewd me about till i dumped him in a box
all i can think of is brian blessed
@bananakin: do yua want some guest fillsers to have a giggle and a chances to chat to us all ? me an my buddy coud try and knock something up in our style ^^
Hurp yep happens every time unless you have the fur brush... by cat he is such a brush slut
@Krazehhcakes: sorry i cant read this comic properly anymore. after the tweet the auther posted on twitter about george.... damn it you hear me HH!! ;) you have screwed witj my mind and perception of the comic Xp

ALl is said in fun :p still love the comic and your crazy tweets of doom
DUN DUN Durrrnnnnnnnnnnnn * dramatic music*

oooo what next for them =D
^^ patch thinking hes awesome XD then his world is crushed
look at zigzags author he only posts a strip up every blue moon or so!

if you have time constraints in your life that's fine take the time you need to do your life things remember you comic is yours not anyone else ...unless their paying you to do it within a set time ;)

heck i follow a comic called alpha Luna and the author is away, stopping and starting and disappearing randomly from the comic almost all the time. we still follow him.

best thing if ya on hiatus for a long time and you want to keep peeps happy (as in the one that NEED content) just pop up a guest comic or a gag /filler strip every so often when you can. heck i think ya did that once or twice XD

keep up the good work here and in real life

@Ultimate the Hedgehog: borat mankiny's are dame comfy tho ~_^
"Sorry to anyone who told me they were shipping them... "
lol in some states its leagal
ahh so they finaliy agree on something