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Yeah. Hi. I dont know what to put here.
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It doesn't look blurry to me.
It does look hilarious, though. |D
October 26th, 2008
Beat you to it, Kat. *shot*

Anyways, welcome to the collab. x3; Lovely picture... I like her name. XD
October 25th, 2008
... Okay. For the record, the above comment was me. I forgot to log in. Dx *flail*
October 20th, 2008
BK_1/VGKid, I made it so you can post a page. Only that, though. I'm not sure what privliges Kat gives to other people. XD; Kat should probably let you be able to do some other stuff when she gets back online.
D'aww thats cute~ You made everyone look adorible. :3

Haha, poor Blake. XD Dont worry, Kat will hopefully post up Tony soon and you wont be *totally* alone~
LawlKat. Zafari's probably gonna be a waitress. (Woo, even more girl characters. XD *shot* ) I just dont see her as the type to be cleaning up other people's rooms/messes. XD

And for the comic, Im sure you already know how much I lol'd via YiM. c:
Um. Half-assed comic is half-assed. XD

Sorry guys. I got lazy. And kat said it was okay and... yeah. XD *excuses*

I promise to actually color it never time~ But I think this should get the point across? D;
Lawl emo jeans. |D

Thanks guys. Glad you like her. <3
Um. Yay. This is my character, Nevaeh. She's more commonly called Nova, though. Because people screw up her name alot. XD;

Yeah. I suck at discriptions. But oh well. She needed a ref. >3<
October 4th, 2008
Yay. XD
I still laugh my ass off each time I see this. Its just... random. XD And even funnier when you know whats going to come.

Nova: "...Sorry, Blake-chan. :["
I agree with Kittie. This is just awsomesauce. For real. <3 You're a really good drawer~