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Hey all, I'm Cee. One of these days I want to start up a web-comic, but for now I'm just a reader because I can't get up offuh my lazy ass. xD

You can check out my deviant at:
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I second the FFFFFF
Oh, God, Ben. XD That is not something most people wish to wake up to!

You know what fun, wonderful thing he's going to do? >C BOOT TO THE HEAD.

But still. Ben's expression in that panel is GOLD. XD

On an unrelated note, I still adore Tomas. <3
March 22nd, 2010
I come to get caught up, and what do I find but this cliffhanger? :|

Pffft. I still love you and your comics. xD Can't wait to see who dreads (I think they're dreads) guy is. 8D
Fantastic story - absolutely adored it, and look forward to reading whatever you decide to write in the future!
I started with the first Acid Monday comic this morning at about nine o' clock...

And I am addicted. Your webcomic is pretty much absolutely amazing.
Does it make me a terrible person because I giggled at Dragonthing in the last panel? xD <3
xD I'm curious, too. Like what?
Wow! You're art is really cute, and the paneling is just awesome. I can't wait to see where this goes!

^-^ Definitely on my faves list.
"You know I didn't actually intend you to read all this" x3

Oak makes me laugh. >.<
Silly Atticus. :'D You have to love your Dragonthing!

I don't think there is really an age cap on Pokemon. ^-^" My brother is seventeen, and still gets excited when the newest game is released.
You should be able to tell what she is. D: Especially with the super duper hint that she's not a bug.

xD This page cracks me up.
Really enjoying this comic (so far). xD the premises is a neat idea and I can't wait for more updatez~! Yays. x3

And I'm waiting for the rest of this line, "I'M NOT A BUG!!!" >x<
OMG. O.O I MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THIS. O0O. Epic. Such professional work~!