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January 17th, 2017
Huh, now I'm done reading this through.. I noted one thing: page 144 doesn't show up at all, or if it's only me (I tried several browsers though), so could you deschribe what happens on that page? ^^

And secondly, I fell in love with page 349. It just shows so well how the characters are feeling and what they are thinking, without actually saying it. That is one of the best things in comics and movies.
January 14th, 2017
Awesome to see this update. Now I have to re-read the whole thing ^^
The end :)

The purpose of this comic was clearly to teach me how to color. I tried to keep a small, clean color palette so that I really had to think about how I color. I colored this with copics.
Last page of the "story"

Image fixed//
Really like this double page..
This page looked a bit weird, but I didn't redraw it. I redraw enough anyway :D I can live with this.
I kinda like this page...
I moved. It took all my time. :( and I lost my wacom pen. SHIT.

But but, I drew a 16-page comic in color. I think I will do this some time later too.

Tupakkatauko translates to smoke break.
I had lots of problems last week and I decided to take a little break.
(This is more like a personal comic blog thingy)
Reality shows
I used random word generator for this one. I got words "disgusting" AND "channel". I am quite happy with this comic.
Not so much a comic, but I wanted to try something different this week. Also, i have started to work on a new (about) 25 page comic, so it takes my time.
Sorry, I have been visiting my parents again and I didn't have enough time to draw a new comic. But here's a comic that I made 2-3 years ago. Sapphire Wedding is the 45th wedding aniversary.
Today's comic, late as promised ;)
As I said, I was on a vacation. I was at my family's place and got inspired by my little sister's attitude.

This girl could also be a younger version of the "attention" comic's girl.
Oh and just in case you didn't know, earthworms only mate with their neighbours (thatusually happen to live 5-15 cm away from them).
I came up with this comic when I was gardening and I forced some earthworms to move to a new flowerbed.

This is one of the few comics that I have drawn completely digitally. It was nice to do completely digital for a change. I think that I am also slowly becoming better at digital coloring, maybe maybe...
I wanted to give these worms gender neutral names, because earthworms are hermaphrodites.
Here's a four page comic :)

Earthworms are interesting creatures.