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thank you for reading if you do :)) one day i'll write properly about this story, since it means a lot to me at the moment.
fucking hell
getting the page sizes to fit so that the site can upload them is hell! too much colour in these pages i rein.. sorry for all the size changes, i hope it's not noticeable.
hello there !
I really missed smackjeeves, so i decided to start uploading comics here again- comics that i've done since finishing blake sinclair that i just haven't really shown anyone (unless it's been in book form!)

I uh... enjoy!
good luck!! keep going! I want to read more of this comic! :DD
February 26th, 2015
this particular reaction to his own brother freaks me out. why is he so terrified of anyone going near him? even someone who clearly cares for him. i feel unnerved..
February 18th, 2015
URGH this page is incredible these last few updates have been fabulous, you always rock at layouts and design and reading things and things are just so beautiful and great to read and the characters and the sooty and now it's like REALLY TENSE and i seriously don't know what to do urrghhh ;___;
meta meta mtea meta metaa huhuhuhuu >:D
@Oishi17 i have actually been drawing a new comic! which i'm selling at thoughtbubble. I have plans for new comics, some i will post online and some i'd rather sell, but i'll post here should i put something online!

@Gol you can currently buy volume one via amazon, and the same will be true of vlume two! It woulda been nice to have met you! I hope your time in america was sweet :D I will be sure to write here if i make a new comic n__n

@Tarabba that would be amazingggg if you did ;___; what other cons will you be visiting if any??
If anyone's attending the ThoughtBubble con in November...
hey y'all! so YES!

Joining Volume one very soon will be volume 2! 200 pages- full colour- chapter's 5-8! this is kinda where the first part of the story arcs! (well, you know you've read it all by now..)

so yes! if you're in the UK, and going to thought bubble in november, do find me, and my frtiends enoki and marcel behind a table where we will be selling comics! I'm not sure yet if volume 2 of blake will be ou7t for then, but fingers crossed!

I'll also be selling a new shiny short comic, plus a lil old one and copies of blake volume one, too :)

it's nice to see everyone again! thank you so much for your comments, i realised questions are asked so I will reply soon-!! /love and hugs/
oh, hello! i's been a while hasn't it?
hi all... thank you for writing on this page..urgh... ;_____;

@Chirurotsu that's alright- every time you comment it's like, a mine of amazing words and thoughts and really makes me think too, and i really wanna thank you for that :) you've been one of the best readers ever of this comic...! yreah that's true what you say- i never really thought of this as blake actually owning up to things, even if it means owning up to the fact he really can't do anything about hurting someone. thnks chiru- it did take a lot to write this, and i'll probably write more comics about this particular guy (as it didn't end here irl) and maybe be more turthful about it in the future. who knows? thank you so much :)

@guckindieluft everything you said is absolutey right. i'm really honoured that you got all that from this story! being able to talk about it really is a fantasy if you're simply in pain- thank you so much for writing such honest and beautiful things!! wow, i'm sorry you went through soemthing that sounds pretty awful in college, and i'm also really glad you came to that conclusion- it can be incredibly difficult. you know, i've been avoiding writing back to you guys about this cuz it's a sensetive subject,but thank you so much for the kind words :) I actually did meet up with the guy blake is (losely) based on shortly after finishing the comic. it was really, really strange and in some ways he pushed a lot of bounderies that were not okay- however, it worked out a lot better than I had thought i think because i did what you advised and went in there accepting that he is not responsible for my pain- and all that stuff was in the past. we never did talk about what happened between us but he opened up to me for once, i got to learn why he is the way he is.

@Tarabba man, i'm sorry you've had to go through simmilar :( I'm really tired of people not wanting to talk about things! (i'm no better these days!) the stuff had happened to me was a lot worse in this comic (i was sexually abused i guess?) so i guess it will take quite a while longer than i have hoped to deal with it. but i totally met up with this guy recently and it definately helped solve a few things. snd thank you for kind words and relating :)

@Iron I never got to thank you for this comment, and don'r worry, i know it'stough- but i appreciated the support all the more, i really did :)

@Lyco thanks again jade- i've been avoding doing this (FOR MONTHS) because it's a real sensitive issue for me, but honestly your comment meant the world to me and i felt so super chuffed to hear it- thank you so so much :')

@TrollHive @ducky @AlexisBeeMeow @Maltak i know it's a very long time coming, but thank you so so much for the moving comments!! I can't beleive people cried reading this thing..dsgfhkjk
If that's the case, then why why why do you still wanna sleep with him Leslie?!!!!! These characters get more and more complex-- good stuff-!!
November 3rd, 2014
.......;________; cooourtlanndd!!!!!! i did not see this coming, at least, not in this way :'(

what the hell? I was expecting a fight not this kind of planned, unfair gang up thing. I would really hate ian if he remains diplometic betwen spence and court now.
too, cute ;___; but anyway, really, really curious asto where the next chapter is gonna lead to?! he kinda seems to be into thast girl? but unf, fruitloop was super cute the way he holds onto downbeat ;w;~
October 23rd, 2014
i feel a l,lt of tension building, so excited to see when the status quo will break and what will happen...

even so, the character building is great! Ian man! it's OK if you don't want to be a runner!! why is everyone pushing him to do this?? good stuff :)
Awe no... ;n; and also, memories of school days promptly bought back..urgh this comic is too cute :'C
I reread a few pages back and I'm just laughing my butt off right now. Keep the double updates coming!!
@HermaphroditesAndTermites THANKYOU, what a perfectly fitting song :))
Pu'erh gets more and more adorable ;n; (and hilarious!) and now to read more on manga mag I'D /addicted - also I dont trust oolong's Mother, she will definitely be able to tell the difference between flame and not-flamed. And how come Gerry is so adamant to keep illness a secret?? :0
Oh my god, I can't believe, and LOVE, where this comic is going!! X,D I honestly did not see this comng and yet it's so fitting to your writing and stories, I'm pissing myself, THANKYOU

This is the best fucking thng ever.