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I don't have to describe shit.

I don't know why I would describe shit either. It's just that stuff that comes out of your ass.

Oh snap, I just described it! >_<

You and your damn mind games...
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I did.
I'm an Atheist,'s just that your humor and art are abysmal. The comic is downright repulsive.
The "no artistic talent" stuff is false. The humor so far is true, though.
/cringe in embarrasment for author

I think we all know what that means.
Sort of good, I guess...but still entirely unrelated.
The pure artwork itself is quite good. I wish there were a more elaborate rating system so I could rate this 3.5.

3 would be sort of good, 3.5 would be quite good, and 4 would be great. 5 would be OMFG HAX.
1. Nothing really to do with SJ, just for the comic itself.
2. Magnifying glss would by no means do that; it would take a lunar eclipse for one thing, and at some point the light rays would reach its peak point and split out again, far before it reached earth. Fail.
No, jertje, he was right.

You all are far too optimistic.
Fairly good art, but rather unrelated to the core. This also makes me cringe in embarrasment for the author, so 1.
If I could rate it a 1.5 I would.
Clearly not funny, but it didn't make me cringe in embarrasment like the last one did.
MEH. Intended blatant advertizement with a failed attempt at humor...1.
Well, obviously this is a detraction...I'll pass on voting.
Better. You almost made me chuckle. 2.
Er...sorry, but I don't really even see the punchline. Just some people singing profanities...2 strikes.
If it's going to be a public comic, then inside jokes are quite pointless. It makes no sense, really...let's hope the following is better.