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I love story telling! And have waay too many stories cram packed in my head than I can handle!

Um..! For more of my art and information, look me up on deviantart!

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October 30th, 2018
HEY FRIENDS! I'm still not sure when I'll get back into updating Derek's Story. So in the meantime Im gonna see how well I can handle starting Inge's Story- since I feel like telling it in this sketchier easier-to-make-style can work fine. And it IS a side of the story I still really wanna share with you all. So enjoy some baby Inge times!
October 16th, 2018

I’m so sorry I’ve fallen so behind my friends. I really miss making comics about my kids and all you good great fans im gonna try to get back on the comic train watch me goooOOO
September 10th, 2018
How dare my son be so kind hearted!
A gift art by antiimage I liked so much I wanted to share it with you all, haha!
Weehh sorry for taking so long guys! Heres the first couple of pages for 34!
It's easier for others. I'm more like Chester myself personally. How about you?
(This is being said as a very platonic way, just for the record!)

Neveer! I'm seeing this comic through to the end! (We're so close to the end too even!?)

Aaaaaaaaaa!! I'm excited owo
A sketch comic for you all! I'm still around! Just very tired and still trying to figure out my life right now aaa!
January 15th, 2018

The comic is on an unexpected hiatus as I'm dealing with multiple big life changes. But it WILL CONTINUE! I'm just not sure when!

But I promise I am going to come back to finish this!
You better tuck her in!
Hope to get back to working on the comic soon aaah~

None of them actually have any traditions or holidays like Christmas. But Derek like's to think that Earth's Santa was actually a Dorak in disguise. No way a normal human can do what Santa does, obviously teleportation skills were at work here!
I have a spooky update for you all... it's almost October! And there's still no Jackie's Story part ;;;

My sincere apologies! Life has been very busy as this was the year I decided to dedicate to seeing how well I could pull of the "Artist Alley" type of life. It turns out- it's very hard to balance out the workload! Not sure when next part will be finished, but I'll be sure to keep you all posted! Thanks so much for your understanding!

I only got one person submit a guest fanart submission, I'm still accepting those if anyone else is still interested! Thanks friends!
Still taking a break, so enjoy some more good draws aaaahh!!!
@WiispNightmare No worries friend! :)
Thanks to Kayla for the guest art! Still taking any if anyone is still interested in offering up something! :) Will be posting up some older gift art in the meantime!

It's still a doodle of my beloved Jackie someone took the time to make! :) I'll love it haha

!! I'll be looking forward to it aahh! owo!

No hiding! Only love for all!!
A lot of people seemed interested in making gift art, so I'm excited! In the meantime here's some older giftart or past commissions of mine I want to share! :)
HELLO FRIENDS! I’m still, REALLY slowly working at these next updates, and I’m not sure why I’ve become such a slow updater. I can only guess all these new busy life happenstances + fatigue of 7+ years of nonstop comic-ing are catching up to me and I’m just craving a really good break of some sort here.

I still feel bad about not updating as fast as I used to though! SO! I’m wondering, would anyone be interested in making some guest art or comics for me to post up on SmackJeevs/Tapastic ?

The artwork or comic can be anything you’d like! (As long as it’s kept safe for children viewers, nothing too terribly lewd please!) Otherwise anything, even something really out of character or just wacky would be fine with me. The more it’s related to Jackie’s story and the characters though the better! :3
As long as you’re cool with me posting them up to share with everyone on the Jackie’s smackjeevs and tapastic sites! I’ll be sure to include links back to the artist

I’ve never tried this before! But I hope it can be really fun, if anyone is interested at least! Send an e-mail over at if you are. Thanks guys!!