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David's just too adorable when he's nervous like that<333333
Eek, sorry! D:
Sorry for the late update, I totally forgot to update here with all the stuff I did yesterday D: so sorry!
It's Sunday, which means two new pages! :D

This page isn't the #1 best, but it works. Hope you like! :B
Thank you!
Thanks to those who have been reading TSINK till this day! I hope you'll be able to wait until next Sunday for page 8 and 9! :D <3
Sorry for the lateness >_>;; You can slap me aaaaaaall you want, I deserve it!

and uh.. This would've been posted yesterday if I didn't forgot to scan the thing >_>;

..Enjoy? o_o;
Yes. A filler. I've been really lazy these days thanks to school work. I have three pages I need to complete inking, and I have I'll have them all completed for next weekend(probably colored with markers to make up for the wait).

But for the moment, have a half naked Joe!
Yes. The one smoking is Luke. I completely forgot the smoke on the previous page.. o_o;

Anyhow, it looks so empty in only black and white. o__O Sadly, it's the only thing I have the energy to do.
That expression is full of win! XD <3
Tackar tackar!
Det värmer riktigt gott ;w; <3
Colorful ouo
Jag gillar den här bilden riktigt mycket! Även ifall jag inte är så haj på rosa xDD

(Detta é EmmieSensei från dA, heheh)